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just put some socks on too and you'll be good. thumb city.
I've scrolled past this four times and laughed out loud ever time.
I'm only interested if this is somehow a giant mountain of coke.
: 3
lol i bought them at like 1 a.m yesterday, it was already too late.
Me too, sorry for buying one of your grails before you though (If this is baller enough to count as a grail, even)
I just need a nice pair of side-zips, I was looking at HMMM boots a day ago but for a bit more I think the F+B are probably worth it. I wouldn't mind a pair of Guidis, but I like their lace-up models better anyway.
footwear game on the way up
Yeah that RLBL tag was made on the in-store ticketmaker, so the tag must have come off somehow and the employee that had to attach a new ticket must not have known what it was and just grabbed a ticket from a regular pair of black pants to copy.
Beneysed, if you read this I know you gave up on Yohji long ago but this is how your pants needed to look!
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