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what size is that +J, and are you keeping it?
spoiler please, i don't really want to scroll through the same 20 pics from 2 posts above to read your 2-word comment.
you misspelled drop crotch
which one of you is a tailor, again?
my brother wants me to do a 5k with him in a month or something
the cobbler near my apartment had some kind of surgery so he's out for a bit, i might walk by to see if he'll be back before I go back to Albuquerque.
Can any cobbler do this? I didn't know what I was missing until I got my first pair of side-zips, but they are so easy to take on and off. Also, how much was it, if you don't mind me asking.
But then they'd have to be associated with TSB, which is not idealAlso, I first found styleforum because I used to post on the 4chan fashion board. I guess everybody has their own path
sometimes a sheep hanging from a ribbon is just a sheep hanging from a ribbon
I don't know any Yiddish but I do own two dreidels.
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