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"T by Taco Bell." Exclusively at Kohl's.
last night I went to taco bell for the first time in nine or ten years. it was decent, but a little too salty for me to really enjoy it.a diffusion line, that's what taco bell needs
I just wanna tuck. Don't wanna know your name.
I'm going to be in New York in 2 weeks (family vacation), does anybody stock the cropped flight pants still? They're sold out everywhere online.
Tomorrow I'm going to buy some concert tickets that should make you pretty jealous.
yesget a speedmaster so you can be like moo
I left my watch at a climbing gym in St. Louis, but my friend mailed it back to me today. And here is the one print I have in my apartment. and my clock
white APC PS, size 29, $99 BIN w/free shipping
spanish rice
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