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Yeah, as Spoo said (i think) there was/is an Alan Flusser line that's great, and the there's the Made in China line which you'll often find in thrifts. I've seen plenty of that, but none of the good stuff. for small guys looking for a hidden-placket shirt
Saint Laurent Paris
that's too bad, but I found something else'' [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, it is probably the heaviest tweed jacket I've ever found. Really nice color, too.
VV, Ferragamo, Pink, HermesAllen EdmondsAlden x2 [[SPOILER]] Southwick [[SPOILER]] Super-heavy Hardy Aimes Harris Tweedpretty sure this is real [[SPOILER]] E-thrifted Crockett & Jones for Peal & Co
he looks ready to turn up
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