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i don't like this either
pitti ended already bruh [[SPOILER]]
Roid rage!!
Almost definitely
Just wanted to check that women's Christian Dior is not a huge pile of crap like Dior Monsieur.
@Teger can you please interview the guy behind the City of Gentlemen blog?
Will the ring be Margiela? (srs question)I do not bank with them, but I got a starter CC from Capital One.
Something about this was just painful to read - probably reading such a laborious description of selvedge denim so many years after the high-end denim craze started, written as though the audience had never heard of it. http://dappered.com/2014/01/a-selvedge-rookies-first-foray-into-high-end-denim/
Anchor Hocking Fire KingMMM [[SPOILER]] FerragamoLubiam (thx for the identification spoo)
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