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http://thevanburens.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/svb-passport/#more-59 -@StanleyVanBuren
bawsethough i wish that shirt had a little more life to it. it looks kind of flat here.
oh it's AnnD, never mind then
Budget is too low, break up with her
Is it normal for packages from Yoox to go on a tour of Europe on their way to the US?
So an "MD" on the content tag of a tie stands for Michael Drake, and a CH stands for Charles Hill. I found a nice Made-in-England tie today with "HB" on the content tag. Would that mean Holliday & Brown?
I broke a RiRi zipper after it got stuck yesterday. I thought those things were supposed to be the best zippers out there. Am I the first one to do this?
His facial expression is too punchable which brings down every one of his fits.
New Posts  All Forums: