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I am not sure about this one - it could need a different shirt. Theory/3.1 Phillip Lim x Target/HMMM/F+B
You will no doubt be shocked to learn I do not own a ccp suit
Would you guys consider side zips (specifically, my black Elf boots) "suit-worthy?"
this is it
L.L BeanSulka (unfortunately has a small hole) [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo and Vineyard Vines NWTI figured I shouldn't leave AE's in good shape for $8.The label is too faded to see, but these are Cheaney Royal Tweed "Premium Grade"Margiela x H&M painted jeans
i will get so hyped if that rolex turns out to be real. i am hoping for the best.
We're so hard to please.
i think he's referencing his well-known love of blazers
I am not sure why, but I bought this Boglioli shirt on Yoox.
I got some calvin klein underwear at marshall's today, but I don't know what kind it is. feels pretty decent though. 3-pack for $19.99.
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