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Yeah, you're right. I read your recent posts yesterday but I've been reading so much on cutting across different forums that I get mixed up which are reputable and which aren't. I'll stick with the -500 since, as you say, you need somewhere to go down to when you stall.
Thanks CTK, I'll use the 3X a week number. Has anyone tried cutting by doing an aggressive deficit on rest days (like -800 cal) and then maintenance on workout days 3X a week ? I figure almost a pound of fat loss a week while only having to eat low 4 days a week. Quite often I'm 200-300 calories short on my -500 daily calories after dinner. Rather than eating something else that won't really effect satiety (yogurt, a bit of fat, peanut butter etc) would it make sense to...
On the IIFYM calc, how do you calculate activity? I lift for 45 min 3X a week, do a fast 30-45 walk on two other days and hike for an hour the other days. Can't imagine the walking and hiking really counts as much exercise so would that be exercise 3X a week, 5 X or 7 ? Thanks !
Are these 41 or 42?
Been looking for a pair of sweatpants with zip pockets that aren't hammer pants and not leggings. Just got these and really like them. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/element-thermal-running-pants/pid-773882/pgid-1307200
Whoops, I meant in Los Angeles. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out on forward forward.
Now that south Willard no longer stocks SS, does anyone in Los Angeles carry his clothes other than American rag?
I went to the Soho one a couple of days ago and half the 1st floor was roped off. Don't know if it was just for the day or for construction...didn't seem to effect the availability of clothes.
I must be a slob, sometimes I wear a T 3 times before washing. Not a problem in LA dry heat. Hot as balls in NYC, not a single Medium linen shirt to be found. Does anyone wear airism T's by themselves? I need something cool and can't try them on without not being able to return.
Genuine question...why do guys wear t-shirts under oxfords/button down dress shirts?
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