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^ was that a bot post? i'd like to see some more activity in this thread since TF is one of the more prominent high end designers right now.
i saw this and have been watching it... i just know i wont be able to be the highest bidder.it's going to go for the kind of money where you just need to try it on
I have another pair of current, dark grey, Tom Ford denim available. NWOT. 16" waist, I need a 16.5 - 17" waist which is why these are for sale. They are marked sized 32 and the fit is 'slim straight'. Made in the US. $700 - $900 msrp at Harry Rosen. They are a bit darker than the pic suggests. They have no signs of wear and have never been hemmed. $325 obo. Pick up in Hamilton. I also have last year's 24k gold buttoned dark blue denim and a pair of last year's brown...
i'd like to see the LP and Isaia stuff
hey gents, anyone been to HR outlet at Mavis & Brit recently? anything amazing there right now? also, the second and third floors on Bloor st. are they getting their sales out yet?
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-05/fashion-magnate-brunello-cucinelli-is-reviving-italian-hill-town this is a good link from bloomberg that gives some insight into why Brunello Cucinelli products cost as much as they do. you can see some of it in a recent Michael Moore docu 'where to invade next' when he visits Lardini. the bloomberg piece demonstrates that it isn't 'extra mark-up' but rather instead of manufacturing to hit a price point you manufacture...
i tried getting them to do a suede brunello cucinelli jacket... the service was fine but they cant work miracles.that's all i can say about it.
are you talking about the Throat Threads semi-annual sample sale in Burlington?*edit... nevermind ,that one isnt until nov 17.I'm not into their stuff anymore (John Varvatos, Brax, Ping, Swiss Army, Robert Graham) but the same is pretty intense if those brands are in your wheelhouse.it's invite only but generally open to the public. you have to get there on day 1 though
I have some Tom Ford stuff that i ordered from overseas that arrived and is smaller than advertised. i can return it but i thought i would put it up here first: Each of these are light corded denim. Slim fit... i have 3 other pairs that are my favourite pants but i need a 33" waist. The brown/charcoal are a 30" waist and the white/tan ones are a 32" waist. $300 each. Not really negotiable. I expect that a friend will pick up the brown/charcoal ones when we have time...
i have a pair of dark blue Tom Ford denim, the ones with the gold plated button and the smaller tom ford logo on the rear right pocket... they are a 34. and i'm a 32.... probably going to tailor them down unless someone wants to give me $225 for them. they are TF003 fit. couple loose threads but awesome otherwise.
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