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this thread has derailed into the comment section on a Toronto Life article. you have all ruined Christmas.
the solution is to simply avoid Yorkdale at all costs.
post the ID so that we know to avoid the guy
says they are made in mexico... isn't a lot of the allen edmonds stuff made there now too?
Is anyone here familair with Poppy Barley??? http://poppybarley.com/ MTM for under $400 cdn, They did a few pop up shops that some of my staff went to and picked up some MTM women's footwear (boots). Interesting that it is a CDN company based in Edmonton... i think they are doing pop ups in Toronto now because i received a couple emails... http://poppybarley.com/toronto-appointments/
we're not talking about leatherfoot here are we?I've been in a number of times... have made small purchases, and always dressed casually. the one young dude who works there has always been friendly and chatty.when i have a need to upgrade the shoe stock this is where i'll be going.
well the actual address is on broadway but Eglinton is the nearest major...
finally, i didnt want to be the guy that started this thread but it is essential. i gotta give a shout out to Lee at Off the Cuff at Broadway and Young. i've picked up some really really great pieces there for a fraction of retail and could blow thousands without regret. i passed on a crazy staple unlined, unstructured cashmere/silk Loro Piana sport jacket last time I was in that will haunt me for life. sometimes it's hard to drop several hundo on a consigment piece but...
yes my sub is heavily modified PVD & diamond bezel) and 2 different AD's have sneered in disgust then tried to sell me another i wont be servicing the piece at Rolex. I have an excellent option in Buffalo NY that i would be happy to refer others to. He didnt even want to charge me to swap the casebacks since it was such a minor task... less than 5 minute job.
i just had the thomas preik sapphire caseback installed on my rolex GMT II quite happy with it. install was minutes and it was pressure tested perfectly. purists may not approve but i think it's nice / important to be able to see the movement and these pieces are great quality and take minutes to switch back if you go to sell it to someone who doesnt want it.
New Posts  All Forums: