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not a watch but copped this cashmere Officine Panerai sweater the other day... probably going to put it away until i pick up a panerai 100% cashemere made in italy shawl collar NWT never sold in stores, only available as a special gift to buyers at certain special events i guess. i wonder who made it
I was at Swatow yesterday for dinner beside People's Eatery... PE was rammed out the door... I'll stick with Swatow for now did Bar Buca for lunch. There were 5 of us in total. We family styled a large portion of the menu. I don't drink but my table was impressed with the wine. We had the Burrata which was excellent, the Caprese which was also excellent... the tomatoes couldnt have been better. Arancini and meatballs all excellent. We had a stand with a bunch of different...
fwiffo there is too much there to take in i dont get to the city enough to hit it as hard as you have been. that's nuts. i pretty much just stick to the usuals now unless my brothers find a new place i need to try.
SF has spoken, i shall heed it's advice.
It hasn't seen any action yet, so it has more to do with that.
Wife is giving me a hard time about this but she has always been more traditional and conservative (it's what I love about her). I want to wear this jacket to a good friend's wedding next week. I have confirmed that he will be in black and she will be in white. I am not in the wedding party. Hastily put a white shirt inside the jacket to show contrast of the colours, i will not be wearing them together. question 2... is the jacket white enough for a 'diner en blanc'...
agreed with referencing total compensation rather than salary... rounding up is perfectly reasonable.
this is the best thing that happened to me all day
anyone seen this? I was sent the link as a gag. it takes some heavy googling to find anything about it.... thought it pertinent to post somewhere here.
fav part of this is the strap. Rubber B? I have my sub on an Everest.my GMT II arrived today... may go rubber but i like the oyster bracelet more than i thought i would.
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