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it bothers me that there isnt anything good near the airport. we're going to have to do CHOP or The Keg...
probably because you already have 3 rolexs, 3 Omegas, a JLC, an hublot, vintage this, titanium that.... and you're bored with tens of thousands of dollars in dispoable income every few months or you're mid-level drug dealer and you need to get rid of a few grand in cash every month or so and bitches love LV i saw the latter at the LV boutique the other day stacking paper on random gear.
just browsing and caught this post.i was in an LV store last week on Bloor St. in toronto and was checking out some of their watches. I'm not at all surprised that LV is making big moves into the segment given they're owned by LVMH which also owns TAG, hublot among others. Safe to assume that LV watches use movements manufactured inside the group?Their more modestly priced watches (under $10k) actually have a lot to offer the less discerning buyers. Quartz watches were...
anyone have recommendations for the best restaurant in the immediate vicinity of Pearson?
Oh hai... this thread. did the Grizzly House in Banff. It was pretty good. Will bring the wife next time. Ruth's Chris in Calgary was very much a Ruth's Chris experience It is the best one i've been to actually. Better than the ones in Toronto or Denver. did Diner Deluxe on a sunday... bad news... 1 hour wait for a good but not 1 hour wait good breakfast. OEB was closed which contributed to the extra long wait. forbidden city in the mall on 36th is my go to for...
^^^ did he ask for life advice on a fashion forum srsly though... have you done anything you were advised to do yet?
yeah well i guess every once in a while Gumby makes a solid ebay snag... that would have made a nice blanket for me.
yeah i was watching that.... you have so many people following your stuff though.. it's impossible to steal shit from you... i was going aggressive on that Isaia cashmere 38 jacket a month back and got ganked by a sniper.
i had a few of my sweaters tailored and then shrunk them on accident... my wife usually does the laundry and sometimes I just don't pay enough attention when i do it. the scottish saks sweaters and a nice burberry london piece all fall into that category. they still work over a nice dress shirt but on their own they don't work solo anymore. I also made the mistake years ago of letting the sleeves hang off the table when flat drying them from wet. the sleeves stretched out...
New Posts  All Forums: