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SF has spoken, i shall heed it's advice.
It hasn't seen any action yet, so it has more to do with that.
Wife is giving me a hard time about this but she has always been more traditional and conservative (it's what I love about her). I want to wear this jacket to a good friend's wedding next week. I have confirmed that he will be in black and she will be in white. I am not in the wedding party. Hastily put a white shirt inside the jacket to show contrast of the colours, i will not be wearing them together. question 2... is the jacket white enough for a 'diner en blanc'...
agreed with referencing total compensation rather than salary... rounding up is perfectly reasonable.
this is the best thing that happened to me all day
anyone seen this? I was sent the link as a gag. it takes some heavy googling to find anything about it.... thought it pertinent to post somewhere here.
fav part of this is the strap. Rubber B? I have my sub on an Everest.my GMT II arrived today... may go rubber but i like the oyster bracelet more than i thought i would.
back on page 667: http://www.styleforum.net/t/17839/cars-we-drive/9990#post_6352899
595.. it's a daily
that post would have been slightly more tacky than it already is if it weren't mine
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