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i've accumulated a dozen or more LP pieces that are in my regular rotation. some denim, some wool dress pants, several cashmere jumpers or roadsters etc. havent run any outerwear yet though. LP cashmere is the best i have ever worn. I prefer it to the recent Brunello cashmeres of which i have a couple. The LP roadsters are amazing and the fabric quality and durability is just awesome. I wear my stuff hard and will wear a sweater a dozen or more times before it goes in...
Hey gents, i have a pair of grail denim... current line Tom Ford dark indigo denim. 34x34. NWOT. i have washed them but they have never been worn and never been hemmed. Wear like a comfortable 33. These are $995 at Harry Rosen. Slim cut, US made. all the TF branded buttons and the TF stitched into the front. I have 2 pairs but hemmed one for myself. These do not go on sale at HR. Only the off colour stuff does. I think $350 is more than fair. Located in Hamilton. Can...
Vaughn Mills is poop. I have been twice and now dont even bother walking in the store. Same with the Holt there... HR2. They dont send any of the good stuff to these stores at all.Mavis and Brit is where all the higher end stuff from the main stores ends up.
HR outlet at Mavis and Brit was solid today. a lot of great stuff marked down but not on blow-out yet. Saw a number of Isaia, Brunello and Tom Ford sport jackets and suits. The Kiton ties are all on for $149 and there is a great selection. Two of the brunello suits were 40R for $2400 - 50%. Two TF suits in 40R were marked down to $3k. That's all i remember... some good find for rollers.
yes, button down shirts and some knitwear. couldnt specify any further since i don't wear MM but it was definitely there.
the sale rack at Holt's men's store on Bloor had some crazy stuff the other day. I walked out with a pure cashmere Berluti sport coat marked WAY down from $5,300 that i did not need at all. Harry's has some great stuff on their sales tables on the second floor as well. Lots of Loro, Brunello and TF. But that Berluti ruined me for the week
^ was that a bot post? i'd like to see some more activity in this thread since TF is one of the more prominent high end designers right now.
i saw this and have been watching it... i just know i wont be able to be the highest's going to go for the kind of money where you just need to try it on
I have another pair of current, dark grey, Tom Ford denim available. NWOT. 16" waist, I need a 16.5 - 17" waist which is why these are for sale. They are marked sized 32 and the fit is 'slim straight'. Made in the US. $700 - $900 msrp at Harry Rosen. They are a bit darker than the pic suggests. They have no signs of wear and have never been hemmed. $325 obo. Pick up in Hamilton. I also have last year's 24k gold buttoned dark blue denim and a pair of last year's brown...
i'd like to see the LP and Isaia stuff
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