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even at 40% off a TF shirt is still $250 - $500... MTM can easily be had for less than that. There are no logos on the Tf, BC, LP stuff for the most part so the brand/image issue isn't so pronounced. the items put out by these companies and their peers (kiton, Isaia etc.) in my mind stand in stark contrast to the gucci, prada, burberry stuff that i see; the latter putting out items with logos or color pallets that are readily identifiable.also, i pretty much blame this...
i'm going through a period of focus on TF, LP and BC gear... never at full pop though, i wait for the sales without shame. just dropped off a TF shirt to have the sleeves shortened today in fact and will probably get a couple pairs of jeans later in the year. to explain myself though, i have tried MTM on a couple occasions and never been 100% satisfied with the fabric or tailoring... it was fine and worth the price paid so maybe i was satisfied but only just. i dont want...
doesn't really have to make sense it just has to be noteworthy
^^^ that would be an awesome ending to the show if that were the case
get "Stolen Riches" laces, they are on Yonge st in Toronto and available at the desk at HR. I've relaced most of my AE footwear with them http://www.stolenriches.com/
hey gents, whats up with TOM tonight? I have to come into town this afternoon and hang through dinner... curious if there are any open events worth checking
hey gents, just clearing out some stuff i've had for a while that i probably wont use anymore. going to go up on ebay shortly too. These two straps are brand new and never worn once.. the deployment used but mint and genuine. First is a 98000037 deployment strap that is rubber on leather (not waterproof) $277 on Ofrei (3rd from the top: Omega Rubber Deployment Buckle and Clasp Straps) it is a 20/18mm strap meant for the 94521813 deployment (not the one i have...
some of these are great reading... outbid on ebay spoo can you hook me up bro? cop dat brunello thought my rollie cool not the hottest movement though watch appreciation thread i hate to lowball but here's a lowball offer accepted... success
Harry Rosen wont ship to the US???? with the dollar the way it is they should be banking hard for your business. the export forms are a minor nuisance.
RE: watches in the GTA. in the core are Watchfinder in Yorkville and Van Rijk at Yonge & Eglinton... however, better than both of them is in Grimsby... http://harmonyjewellers.ca/product-category/pre-owned/ their website is pretty accurate, however, you cannot just walk in and see the stuff.... it is not on display. you have to make an appointment. Kevin (the owner) has to be there or one of the other guys. the ladies that do the jewellery dont mess with the real shit....
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