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i just had the thomas preik sapphire caseback installed on my rolex GMT II quite happy with it. install was minutes and it was pressure tested perfectly. purists may not approve but i think it's nice / important to be able to see the movement and these pieces are great quality and take minutes to switch back if you go to sell it to someone who doesnt want it.
happend to by a Bloor yesterday... the sales have started and a lot of the Eton shirts were on for 25-40% off with good selection. bunch of the shoes were on sale but i didnt look that hard. not much on level 2 year though the TF stuff was starting to go on sale at 25% off but still too many monies for my liking. the selection wasn't as good as last year either. there was some sport coats and other items on sale from Kiton and Isaia but you have to really look for it....
yeah i wont rush out there. will probably see the calgary store sooner in fact. i'll report back.
anyone frequenting the Bloor st location? i'll probably hit it up on boxing week but i think the sames start before that anyhow.
i thought this ep was real good. rick's scene with the running cop was good and a contrast to the negotiated exchange of prisoners rather than the blood bath that came along with every other tribe thus far. there are always opportunities to nit pick...
i scooped a few TF pieces a the outlet today. if you're a 16 40/41 there were a number of TF and Isaia shirts to be had. there was also a rediculous tan baby cashmere loro piana cardigan in my size but the fit was a little old-manish for me. $1700 marked down to $400. a nice TF 3/4 length winter coat for $1,400 in size L... probably a 52/54. didnt see what it was marked down from but probably $4k+ fair bit of cucinelli jackets
the outlet in ssauga is an additional 20% off starting today. i'll be there tomorrow probably.
i would have bought that TF suit in a heart beat... that's pretty much all i am looking for is TF stuff or Loro or similar...
forget Hy's.. go to Jacob & Co at King and Brant for steak in toronto...
hey gents, i feel like we need a Harry Rosen thread going full-time for sale spotters. i have some gift cards and want to make the most of them and would appreciate some feedback from guys checking the outlets or bloor st. for when the sales start.
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