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Quote: Originally Posted by javyn No one wants to weigh in on Duncan Hunter's comment re: deporting children of illegals born in the States? In a thread that's about the Arizona immigration law, why do we care what some California congressman has to say. If he wants to make some stupid statement that has nothing to do with the AZ law then that's his right. Doesn't mean I have to agree with him although I still agree with the AZ law.
OK - shirt is returned and exchanged for a 16-36, no problem. As for those who want to jump on me for wearing it for a whole day, you can if you want, but know that I bought it one day, ironed it and threw it on the next morning to wear to work. I didn't take a lot of time to assess the fit before I left my apartment to catch the train and it seemed fine at first. However, as the day went on the fact that I was constantly having to pull at the cuffs to keep them...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Did I turn out to be right after all? Yes, you did. I just couldn't agree with you until the report went public.
Quote: Originally Posted by paraiso I'll knock it off but it seems kind of one sided to only give me a warning. Thank you. and Pio, you knock it off as well. I don't want escalation coming from either side here.
I don't know where I am these days. Can't get used to being a Californian and likely heading back to AZ once I find something there. As for politics, my basic beliefs that put me as a moderate Democrat in Arizona seem to make me a fairly conservative Republican in this state. And I have to say its pretty ironic hearing people in California complain that the new law in AZ allows too much government interference considering that CA has the most government interference...
No, Pio used a colorful term "you're full of shit" to say that you didn't know what you are talking about and you escalated it into a discussion about his wife. I don't care that we disagree in this thread, but your behavior is going beyond the pale here. So knock it off.
Paraiso - knock off the personal attacks. I'm putting my moderator hat on here and for that I don't need to see your papers or know your citizenship. Sorry this is late, I had to go to Nordstroms to return a shirt (see my thread in MC).
Quote: Originally Posted by XeF4 This is retarded. Arizona should just threaten to send back all of Califorinas felons. That will end this bickering real fast. That, or we would cut off all of California's water from the Colorado River. It something like 45% of LA's water supply.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Why not simply have a rule that border jumping gets you detained rather than this vague "reasonable suspicion" standard? Also, if this is the situation, why does Arizona need to require that the Phoenix police (I think about 100-some miles away) enforce this? Phoenix is actually about 200 miles from the border, but as to why police there and in other cities (like Tucson - 60 miles from the border) need to...
Quote: Originally Posted by paraiso The big difference is that if the cop wants to check your papers and you have no way to prove you're in Arizona legally, what would be a mere slap on the wrists could turn into indefinite detention until you can prove your citizenship. I'm sure they do this with white college kids all the time, right? Maybe if you'd come up with an example where the people in question aren't breaking the law to begin with...
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