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Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup I don't see why anyone would ever weigh himself with clothes or shoes on - that's dumb IMO. Clothes and shoes are not how much you weigh, so taking them off doesn't make you 'weigh less'. It just make the scale give you your true weight. Some of us skinny people like to weigh more
Whenever you want to and can afford to do so. That being said, I didn't own an expensive watch until my wife gave me one for our wedding. Of course, being a Tag Heuer, many here would still say I don't own an expensive watch.
Just a dark brown leather belt would be fine as well or a surcingle belt of some type for a more casual look. Leather - Surcingle -
"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"
Masters starts tomorrow in Augusta. Who's watching and who will you root for? I'm pulling for Tiger to get green jacket number 5, but Phil seems to be playing well and Geoff Ogilvy is my (not so) dark horse prediction. What do you guys think?
Ouch, MSU is getting killed - how embarrassing for my state of birth. On the other hand, a guy I work with took one of those proposition bets in Vegas before the tourney started. He put $500 at 5:1 odds that an ACC team would win the whole thing, so he stands to gain a $2,500 payout if this continues. Edited because I originally put 4:1 odds. That's what he would have had on a Big East team winning.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy One chain of casual dining establishments says that 35% of the amounts remain unclaimed. It has been one of the most profitable things they have ever offered with literally millions of dollars just sitting in their till. My understanding was that the amount of the gift cards counted as a liability on their books, so even though they have the cash, they can't count it as an asset. That's why they...
Lance Konami has received a 2-week time out for his behavior in the Current Events forum. Again, personal attacks and ignoring a moderator's warning is not the best way to behave.
My family is filled with deer hunters. In fact, up until a few years back, my grandfather who is now 94 got his quota every year. There are several reasons. As others have stated, venison tastes great - although I prefer the ones that are a little gamier than deer who feed mostly on farmers corn. There are too many deer - in fact 60 Minutes did a piece about East Coast towns being overrun by deer at least 10-15 years ago. Finally, its a cultural thing. Heck in...
Right - heels. Whatever, her legs would look good if she wore them.
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