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Yeah but people really stare when you burst into flames
Dude, have you looked at my avatar picture? I'm wearing heels from a fundraiser I did. Do you really think that I am uncomfortable with my masculinity?You asked for opinions so don't get mad when they don't come back the way you want,I personally like a longer coat and was simply trying to find a fun way to respond to the poster who was saying that long trench coats are "old-manish" by sharing one of my favorite image of guys wearing that type of coat.And I will reiterate...
I don't think these guys would look nearly as tough in cropped-length coats...
I was like who's that old guy, then I went, crap it's me!
Well at least he's maintaining his US Citizenship unlike Eduardo Saverin who has moved to Singapore and renounced his. http://reason.com/blog/2012/05/11/facebook-co-founder-eduardo-saverin-beco
Which part is it where the Hooter's girl sits down at the table with me and asks what I'd like to order?
Honestly, I think its going to look weird to wear a raincoat when its not raining. Seems to me that if you just want a coat that is this length you should consider getting a Belstaff or a Barbour.
I think it looks good on you, but as with others I prefer a longer coat.
Nice article and I enjoyed your write-up about Barney Stinson.
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