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Are you kidding? The buttermilk chicken is gross!
(DeNiro voice) - you talking to me?
Sounds like Salad and I are the same age. 9th grade (1981-82) was all about Levi's 501s, Sperry Topsiders, K-Swiss, polo shirts and t-shirts. Arizona wasn't much of a place for madras plaid though.
Damn, this was almost 8 years ago. What a flashback.
I wondered who else got that e-mail. And it was from Jill in case you didn't notice. Talk about a blast from the past!
The blaming of society for Elliott Rodgers actions is like the scene in Animal House where the Deltas blame America for everything done by the fraternity... But not nearly as funny.
I wonder how long until women who feel this way start demanding reparations.
Perhaps that was the original intent, but it appears that now it's being interpreted as #YesAllMenDo.
Of course it would be. In fact she probably lied about being a sex slave because of white male privilege. I'm sure there's some excuse that the feminists would be able to make. Apparently we are all to blame.
And apparently a code phrase for "white male".
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