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It appears to be a manufacturing issue because one shoe has a gap where the insole meets the side where the other shoe does not. I'm not sure how you think the OP's feet would have caused that. Bone spurs? As for social media, check out the AE twitter feed and you'll see that they are using it as a way to provide customer service not just as a way to build PR.
I'd go with a classic hopsack blazer like the Traveler from Orvis. http://m.orvis.com/p/travelers-hopsack-blazer/4907
PS - they respond very quickly through their Twitter account so you could message them that way first.
That looks like a manufacturing flaw. I would take them back and get a different pair. My interactions with AE have been excellent so I'm sure they will take care of you.
Haven't done this in a while and my style has somewhat changed since I used to be more active on here. I only wear ties a few times a year now so this is a pretty good representation of my current style. My uniform basically consists of a button down shirt (today is LL Bean, but otherwise it's Brooks Brothers) and a pair of LL Bean dress khakis. Also today I'm wearing my beeswax leather Clark's Desert Boots.
Isn't there an implicit distinction here between trade borders and national boundaries?
The fleece vest is the new blue blazer.
Where are you from? I'm surprised you hadn't heard of Brooks Brothers at least.
Dillards is a regional upscale department store with locations across the Southern, Southwestern, and Western United States. Think of all the regional stores that existed before Macy's bought everything... Marshall Fields, Hudson's, Dayton's, Carson Piece Scott, Goldwater's, The Broadway, etc. It is not an off price store like TJ Maxx.
I just picked up a navy Baracuta jacket that shows its size as a Large Long and the back of the tag says 701. It also says "Tailored in Thailand". It has the elastic cuffs and waist like a G9 but I haven't found any other listings about tall sizes. Anyone run across one of these before. Being 6'3" and 200 lbs it fits me quite well so I'm mainly just curious about its provenance.
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