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Dare I say that anyone who actually cares about these latest emails was never going to vote for Hillary anyway?
I guess its working this year. Back when I worked on campaigns the general rule was that negative ads worked to disqualify your opponent, but you still had to give voters a reason to vote for your candidate. This whole campaign it felt like the only reason has been, it's her turn. Then again, I voted for Bernie in the primary so I'm still not all that excited about Hillary.
Even her ads are like this. Nothing about what she's going to do or who she is, just stuff about how bad Trump is... using his own words and statements.
I don't know if who's calling Trump daddy, but I have noticed that his biggest female fans among my Facebook friends tend to be the attractive ones who've been divorced once or twice. Maybe they identify with him or maybe they're just really bad at picking men... as seen through their relationship failures.
The prodigal son returns 😀
You don't have to destroy the institution to stop the other side but that's what Newt started from the day he arrived as bomb-throwing backbencher. I'm sure he's happy that Trump has let him reclaim the spotlight although tactically I'd say Ted Cruz and the Freedom Caucus are his true heirs. Newt probably also realizes that he can manipulate Trump to parrot his own views which is something he couldn't do as Speaker and was shown by the rebellion of his own members.
OK, sometimes I still dress like an actual member of this forum. Today, Brooks Brothers vintage (1984) 3/2 roll suit, Nordstrom dress shirt, tie from Cable Car Clothiers (Robert Kirk) and black AE Park Avenues.[IMG][IMG][IMG]
OK, so not in this forum, but certainly on my Facebook, has anyone noticed that the same people who 6 months ago were claiming Trump was a plant by the Democrats are now the ones who are the loudest screaming that Trump is a good conservative getting screwed by the establishment? So many people and pundits have just left all consistency behind this year.
Cable Car is insanely overpriced. Go over to Berkeley Hat Company and you can find just as good a selection for a much more reasonable cost.
New Posts  All Forums: