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And yes, very impressed with the mobile site as well!
Wow, this looks great. If the mobile version is easy to use now you will probably see a lot more of me again. Now that I'm back home with the fam I'm not on my computer as often, but I'm on my phone all day!
+1 on Snow Crash and Neuromancer. I'd add the Blue Ant trilogy - Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, and Zero History. Dorsai - Gordon R. Dickson The Flinx and Pip Series - Alan Dean Foster Tunnel in the Sky - Robert Heinlein And I'm not sure, but have any of the Travis McGee novels been made into films? If not, they should be.
Black or gray - not white.
Wish I could be there - maybe you guys can fly this way during Spring Training to see me... and the World Champion Giants
Ugh - John Edwards - WTF was I thinking??? I did get the Obama call right.I still think I was right about McCain, but at least I had some love for Mitt
Well, I'm screwed either way
My point exactly.
Just curious - what's the age limit in this thread at which you are considered old?
I'm pretty sure he is a total d-bag, but too me its a non-issue. In fact, I don't know why we care about performance-enhancing drugs in any sport. USADA spends millions to get Lance Armstrong, the US Congress wastes time "investigating" steroids in baseball. Let these athletes do whatever the hell they want. Who cares?
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