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Just curious - what's the age limit in this thread at which you are considered old?
Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World has his kids at the same school as mine and I see him all the time at Dad's Club meetings and school events.
Sweet - thank you Parker!!!
As my style continually evolves, I've decided that I'm sick of wearing the preppy "trad" khaki's and polos that I am typically prone to wear as my casual attire. I'm seeking to develop a look that uses technical fabrics as used by companies like Nike, Under Armour, or even RLX, but doesn't always look like I'm headed to the gym. I've noticed that RLX makes some zippered cargoes that seem like they would be what I am seeking but are there any other thoughts or suggestions...
What about the whole Levi's Commuter collection? http://us.levi.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=11844101 Yes, the pants are 511 skinny cut, but they are designed for bicycling so I would guess the rise is good. And wouldn't skinny cut be better on a bike anyway, so your pant leg doesn't catch on the chain?
OK, so six years ago I was not a fan...but today I bought a pair of Oakley half jackets I think my style is evolving.
or Charl Schwartzel
I only know of two places that have succeeded in this type of field. They are My Sister's Closet http://www.mysisterscloset.com/ out of Phoenix, which is a consignment chain and has stores that do women's clothing, furniture (My Sister's Attic), and men's clothing (Well Suited). But they don't really pay for inventory, customer's bring it in and consign it. When it sells, you get cash (very little) or store credit (about twice as much). The most successful chain I'm...
Wear it out... find gullible women and tell them your name is Tiger Woods.
I was back about once a month if not more. Plus, my wife and kids came to Sacramento for two of the summers, one of the Christmas holidays and one Spring Break. Plus I took a week off each year at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the 4th of July. Amazingly I didn't miss any of my kid's birthdays during this past three years.I gotta say, California state workers get a ton of time off. During the past three years I have taken nearly 4-months in vacation time - and they wonder...
New Posts  All Forums: