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I used to have one of those. If it fits, keep it. I outgrew mine. Now I have a goatskin Brooks Brothers that was listed on Ebay as Brook & Brothers and I got for a song.
"Koch brothers are thinking" - is this one of those Trumpian "people are saying" type of things?
I'm sorry, any story based on information from Ed Klein has zero chance of being legit. Klein is one of those professional Clinton / Obama haters. He's probably secretly rooting for Hillary to win so he can keep selling more books and articles to the suckers who believe the conspiracy theories he peddles.
It's getting reversed here, but have you seen any instance where Trump has ever admitted an error? It's not in his nature and he would implement programs like these and defend them to the death.
PS - there are plenty of conservative females who would jump at a job in Trump World as well.
Isn't it? Look at the latest in Arizona... and this is only after a lot of reporting by the newspaper... and a Governor who's not a complete egomaniac.http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-investigations/2016/10/28/arizona-gov-ducey-fired-state-workers-can-appeal-try-get-their-jobs-back/92910090/
Who appoints the EEOC Commissioners? Sure, somebody might win a lawsuit eventually, but political beliefs are not a protected class and even if somebody can prove they were removed improperly those judgements usually come far after the damage is done.
Newt is pushing a plan to remove civil service protections which would allow a Trump administration to get rid of those pesky career bureaucrats. A similar move here in Arizona has allowed department directors to fire all sorts of people for no reason. Remember the way John Ashcroft only filled Justice Department positions with people approved by the Federalist Society? Think of that on a bigger scale with vetting done by groups like Family Research Council or Breitbart....
Canali suit, Nordstrom shirt, Brooks Brothers tie... oh, and letting my true self out 😅 Happy Halloween 🍊
After Trump's statements about looking her up I'mean pretty sure Obama would pardon her if she somehow loses. You don't want to give Trump the ability to really turn this into a banana republic.
New Posts  All Forums: