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3 miles last night. Still getting back into it so I was slow and sore today, but it will get better.
3 miles tonight
Decided to start running again... 27 years after high school cross country. Did 4.2 miles today with a running group at my gym. Feeling sore, but happy.
Just traded in two pairs of boots, a pair of black ropers and a pair of tan Dan Post's and picked up a new (to me) pair of brown Tony Lama's at my favorite consignment store here in Phoenix!
My wife just asked me if this guy was a member of the forum
Score - I just bought a new pair of Levi's - 527 Slim Bootcut!
Thanks - that's what I was wondering.
Do you think they will actually work with a pair of Frye harness boots? I'm thinking of picking up a pair myself.
My mother-in-law got me a membership to the Sock of the Month Club for Christmas so I will hopefully soon have some additional contributions to this thread.
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