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Huffington Post should just call it quits.
NVM - I was able to confirm with Baracuta that my jacket is a genuine G9 made under license for the US market in the 1980s.
Nate has to give Trump some chance of winning because if the orange-one somehow pulls it out but 538 has her at 90% or more than no one ever goes to his site again. Also, despite voting for Hillary in the general I'm still signalling that I am a cool Bernie supporter.
Election day calls for traditional American style... which is what I wear every day. Brooks Brothers shirt, LL Bean khakis, and Allen Edmonds loafers.
I don't know what it means, but early voting at Scottsdale City Hall has been packed all week. Turnout this year is going to be crazy!
So pretty much like any fiction ever written.
Agreed, I'm always impressed by how well my religious friends can pick and choose the parts of the Bible that support their points and ignore or discredit the other parts. It's almost as if it's all made up... like a bad piece of fiction.
I feel like Catholics are too broad a group to put into any one category. I know conservative, liberal, apathetic, etc. Catholics. Its like trying to say all white people would vote for some group. I will say that the most conservative Catholics seem to be the converts and the ones who grew up Catholic are often those who don't really worry about all of the church teachings.
I can't be the only one who scrolled through the last few pages and my response was... TLDR.
New Posts  All Forums: