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Damn, this was almost 8 years ago. What a flashback.
I wondered who else got that e-mail. And it was from Jill in case you didn't notice. Talk about a blast from the past!
I haven't worn a suit in almost a year. I haven't even worn a tie more than a dozen times. I don't miss it at all.
They definitely fit differently than work boots. My other boots that are most similar would be my Frye Engineer boots, but even those aren't exactly the same. Then again, I've owned various pairs of DBs since I was a kid, so I'm probably used to them.
Did you size down? If you buy your regular size in DB they tend to slip and will definitely feel like slippers.
Dude - you do realize that this thread is nearly a year old and I posted it after just a few days on this prescription. Do you really think I haven't done research over the past year, along with evaluating my own experience. I'm glad you've done some reading on the subject, but I think I'll stick with my doctor who specializes in this field and who runs blood tests on me several times a year to ensure that my treatment isn't causing negative side effects. Thanks for the...
It's sure as hell not psychic. After nearly a year of being on testosterone, I am still amazed at how much better I feel. No fog, much better outlook on life. Plus, I've seen incredible improvements in my ability to gain muscle and recover from workouts which is fun in my mid-40s. And my libido is back to where it was when I was a teenager
Did a 5K last night in the drizzle here in Arizona. It felt pretty good, so I decided I'm going to try and get back into running for real.
Three miles this past Tuesday. And 4.2 this morning when I was one of 28,000 people who participated in Pat's Run in Tempe, AZ. For those who aren't familiar, its the annual event benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation.
I spent the last three years in Sacramento and have only been back in Arizona for just over 6 months, so that could have something to do with it. Plus, I think this doctor is a fan of having really high Vit D levels, so having low levels according to her may actually be more like normal.
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