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Anybody else taking testosterone supplements? I've been on Axiron for a few days now and I am already seeing incredible improvements in my energy levels and my mood. Back story - for the past few years I have been feeling low-level depression that I assumed was because of the stress of grad school and then three years of living away from my family for my job. However, even after getting a great job back in Phoenix, and living with my family again, I still felt...
^ Meant to add that I agree.
I can agree with liking KJP. I follow he and his gal, Sarah Vickers, on Twitter and have considered hinting to my wife that I would like a bracelet as a gift.
Alyssa Milano definitely helps - in fact the shirt she is wearing is from her line of sportswear designed specifically for women. I bought my wife the D-Backs version of the shirt in the picture you posted. She looks good in it... although not as good as Alyssa
Is it just me or has MLB done an amazing job of attracting hot female fans to the game? It's certainly true at the Giants and D-Backs games I've been to in the past few years and its also very obvious here in Arizona during Spring Training. Anyone else notice this recently? And I'm not just talking about WAGS, they're good in every sport.
Anyone else get the Brooks Brothers Spring Collection 2013 catalog in the mail today? Anyone else wonder what the hell this is? Bunch of hipsters in suits! I used to like the BB catalog because it had well turned out guys my age or older that I could identify with, but this is just crap? Seriously, I get that I'm no longer the target demographic for most companies but I had more hope for Brooks.
I have 3 navy blazers all with gold buttons and the only one I don't really wear is the double-breasted 6x2 one -who although its great for a Gilligan's Island Thurston Howell costume. As for the other two, I wear them with gray flannels, khaki's, GTH pants, or even with jeans. Just a wardrobe basic that goes with everything.
Although I haven't been to the new location I think my feeling about CCC still stands - love the styles, hate the prices. And I just realized, I'm wearing a tie from them today.
3 miles last night. Still getting back into it so I was slow and sore today, but it will get better.
New Posts  All Forums: