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Ivanka probably had some input.
I read an article this summer that talked about how the GOP would quickly rebuild if Trump lost, but that the Dems had no Plan B after Hillary. I didn't realize how right they were.
I'm laughing at all the stories from the Clinton camp aftermath. They still fail to recognize her flaws and are blaming everyone from Comey to Bernie supporters to the media. I guess denial in now a river in Chappaqua.
This is my biggest concern about him. When I worked in California we audited a number of programs set up by Governor Schwarzenegger. Turns out, once they had the announcement and held the press conference, not a lot got done, and the Terminator didn't really seem to care. In fact, he typically flew home to LA every night from Sacramento which limited his ability to even meet with people to improve things. I worry that Trump could be similar.
I get your point, but he still appeals more to blue-collar workers. Maybe it's because they actually see a physical building with his name on it or maybe it's because heveryone speaks at a 4th grade level and they don't feel like he's speaking down to them.
The problem is that a lot of Trump voters saw Romney and Clinton as two sides of the same coin. Coastal elites who look down on them. They see Trump as one of them... or at least how they would be as a billionaire.
Protesters are taking to the streets in various cities across the country. Probably the same people who were offended when Trump wouldn't promise to respect the results of the election. I have no respect for these people.
Also, are combovers going to be cool now?
I'm guessing if they get rid of the ACA, they may also follow through with allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines and maybe find some way to bring down drug prices.
Because being "her turn" was the completely wrong message in an anti-establishment year.Hillary reminds me of the generals who are always preparing to fight the last war. She got rocked by Obama in the primaries in 2008 so she made damn sure that wasn't going to happen again by clearing the field and getting the DNC and super delegates on her side so that Bernie never had a chance.Unfortunately while she was building her blue wall, like the French built the Maginot Line...
New Posts  All Forums: