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I think it looks good on you, but as with others I prefer a longer coat.
Likely true, but you certainly can't blame that on the gays.Modern day statistics certainly put the lie to the "sanctity of marriage" so I guess my thought is that considering how much heterosexuals have screwed up marriage, why shouldn't we give gays a shot at it as well?
Nice article and I enjoyed your write-up about Barney Stinson.
This sounds like the Charles Murray argument.Question though - who's to say that legalizing gay marriage would not create more stability in that community?Andrew Sullivan had an essay a few years back in which he argued that same-sex marriage would actually create a more stable future for the gay community and curb promiscuity because homosexuals would be allowed to enter into committed, legally binding relationships. I've often heard supporters of traditional marriage...
Yes, I was limiting my statement to the classic definition of mainstream media, i.e. New York Times, Associated Press, Washington Post, the Nightly News on the Big 3 networks, and the local offshoots of those same outlets (local papers, TV stations, etc.)Actually, McCain 2008 was unfavorably compared to McCain 2000 and then even more unfavorably compared to Obama, but we are making the same point.
I agree, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
Then you haven't been paying attention. Marriage Equality has been in use since at least the early 2000's.
Obama won't get called on it for his gay marriage "evolution" because his policy changes move him toward what the media overwhelmingly believes is the correct side of the issue. Romney gets called a flip-flopper because he has moved away from more moderate positions and toward conservative ideas that the media does not support. The key thing to remember is that If 1994 Romney was running for President, the media would suck up to him and portray him as the type of...
Regarding the Romney story, as I replied to the one guy in my office who loves to send me this crap... "OMG – he behaved like any other prep schooler in the 60’s! And wow, Cranbrook had the social mores and attitudes that were prevalent at the time but the Post tries to give the impression that somehow the school and the students should have behaved as if it were 2012. I’ll bet you can find similar stories that happened at The Punahou School when Obama was there, or at...
New Posts  All Forums: