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I picked up a pair in beeswax today. They've got quite a few in stock right now.They also have lots of dirty bucks and other suedes right now along with some Allen Edmonds.In the past I've bought many pairs of AEs and Frye Boots there as well.
I'd say Matt is more like 6-foot. Then again, I was also standing next to Manton quite a bit, so I didn't feel that tall myself.
Yep, that's him.So glad I was caught mid-swig
He was a very small man wasn't he? Practically Foo sized
@Bulldoggery - Have you considered moving trying a pair of 508's. They are a tapered cut, not skinny, but much more so than 501s. I've also been a straight leg type of guy, but I got a pair of the 508s recently and have been very happy with them. From the description of your build, they might work for you as well.
I don't get how this is even remotely similar? As I understand it, you are suggesting that if the government can change an activity like marriage, it can force religions to change their practices as well and open them to non-believers.However, your example of wanting a Bar Mitzvah makes no sense to me. Unlike marriage, Bar Mitzvah's are a strictly religious tradition that provide no legal benefits to the recipient. A 13-year-old boy who has had his Bar Mitzvah may be...
This is one of the funniest lines ever!
Yes, because that would clearly be the next step (sarcasm).I love it when the argument is that if we change one rule, we will throw out all laws and regulations. When exactly has this ever happened in our society?
I thought LabelKing came in from Beijing
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