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Today's combo - AE Grayson tassel loafers Macy's Club Room striped socks HS&M navy suit
If she's styling Amar'e and LeBron she's doing quite nicely. Both of them look great every time you see them interviewed. From her quotes, it sounds as though she knows what she's doing. I'll probably be watching on Thursday night, so I'll have to try and remember to keep an eye out for Poe to see how he looks.
Salisbury Washington National Cathedral Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ
Do they even still kneel at Catholic masses? Seems like that was something we did in the Episcopal Church growing up, but not something my Catholic friends did (or do) at their services.
Some members of this forum would probably consider Jesus to be underdressed if he showed up at their church. He was apparently known for wearing sandals and robes.
I'd say its pretty casual. Very few people wear suit and ties anymore and even a sportcoat is fairly rare. I've typically seen anything from t-shirt and shorts, to jeans, to khakis and a polo shirt. Of course, it all depends on your age and part of the country.
To be fair, the gourmet food trucks are quite a bit better than the roach coaches that Pio is describing. And I've eaten from plenty of those and taco trucks as well. I'm just surprised by how many hipsters are willing to wait in massive lines at these food truck festivals in both California and Arizona recently. But yeah, the Twitter thing probably has something to do with it as well (and Yelp loves them as well). It's like you have to be in a private group to know...
Along the same lines, what's with hipsters waiting in line for food trucks... and the love of food trucks in general? The 4th Sacramento Mobile Food Festival was today and once again, thousands of people showed up to wait in line for hours to get food from the various trucks. I attended the first one last year, but left when I realized that it would take up to three hours to get anything to eat. I've tried a few of the local trucks when I've found them and while they are...
44 and I wear my AE Grayson's on occasion.
I don't know the name, but my shirt has dragons on it
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