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You might consider the offering from Anderson-Little. http://andersonlittle.com/ Reviews have been good, the price is right, and they will work with you to ensure the correct fit. OTOH, why wouldn't you wear a suit? Blazer and slacks is sort of an undergrad look.
Brooks Brothers has a ton of ties that have both pink and blue in them... How about http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=212&Product_Id=1653473&Parent_Id=210&default_color=BLUE&sort_by=newArrivals§ioncolor=§ionsize=
Had to revive this because after four years I have realized that this thread, although initially written in jest, contains far more truth than fiction, and I've come to embrace that about myself. Of course today the term is D-bag, not Amjack and the striped shirts and Abercrombie t's have been replaced with tight black v-neck's. Plus I do BodyPump classes at the gym now which also works the legs. But other than that, this remains a good description of how I roll!
I have a few of these myself and have recently been debating whether or not to get rid of them as well. If mine are like yours, they have the double button at the neck collar and french cuffs as well. Just as a test I actually wore a similar one out a few weeks back - untucked with a pair of jeans and black wool sportcoat. Even though no one said anything, I kept thinking to myself, "2005 called and it wants its shirt back." So my conclusion, is get rid of it. As I...
LL Bean Signature - classic brand tries to go trendy. Just leave it alone and sell the basics.
Thanks - I've been checking out the Nighthawk 750s that are available online. I will probably end up going for one of those if this happens. I can't do a scooter because that means I'm really stuck in Sacramento, even with a 150cc engine. I definitely need something I can take on the road to get out of here when I get bored.
Wouldn't it be more important to know what timezone your new watch works with? From there you can narrow down which suit you will wear.
Another vote for #8P
Good to know. I don't mind used, but I was trying to avoid the new rider trap of getting something too powerful as a first bike.Not really sure what type of bike I want, just looking to see what is out there.
I don't know about most states, but in California you have to a motorcycle license to ride a scooter or a motorcycle. I'm pretty sure that in Arizona, you didn't need a license if it was under 50cc.I don't have a license yet, but I've ridden a little before and will sign up and take the MSF course when I'm ready to get my license.Of course, now it's looking like we will just buy my wife a new vehicle, probably a minivan, and I will have to delay my purchase of a bike.P.S....
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