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Thanks - I've been checking out the Nighthawk 750s that are available online. I will probably end up going for one of those if this happens. I can't do a scooter because that means I'm really stuck in Sacramento, even with a 150cc engine. I definitely need something I can take on the road to get out of here when I get bored.
Wouldn't it be more important to know what timezone your new watch works with? From there you can narrow down which suit you will wear.
Another vote for #8P
Good to know. I don't mind used, but I was trying to avoid the new rider trap of getting something too powerful as a first bike.Not really sure what type of bike I want, just looking to see what is out there.
I don't know about most states, but in California you have to a motorcycle license to ride a scooter or a motorcycle. I'm pretty sure that in Arizona, you didn't need a license if it was under 50cc.I don't have a license yet, but I've ridden a little before and will sign up and take the MSF course when I'm ready to get my license.Of course, now it's looking like we will just buy my wife a new vehicle, probably a minivan, and I will have to delay my purchase of a bike.P.S....
What is it and how much does it cost?
Due to our SUV breaking down, I am likely going to be giving my car to my wife and getting myself a scooter or a motorcycle. I know that I could get a scooter for under $1,000 but I'm concerned about lack of power and am thinking about getting a bike. Any suggestions on what I could get for $2,000 or less. I take public transit back and forth to work, so this is really just for going to the gym, grocery store and out to dinner once in a while. Although I wouldn't mind...
If he's running any serious distance, he should have a shoe for that. If he's just doing 30-40 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical, cross-training shoes would be fine.
He didn't ask for tennis shoes, he asked about shoes for use in the gym and he specified that he wanted something lightweight, with a mesh top.VFF's look stupid.
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