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Yes, because that would clearly be the next step (sarcasm).I love it when the argument is that if we change one rule, we will throw out all laws and regulations. When exactly has this ever happened in our society?
I thought LabelKing came in from Beijing
Wait, what???So Mel Gibson or his family aren't just too conservative for the regular Roman Catholic Church, they are even too conservative for this traditionalist splinter sect that had already left the Roman Catholic Church?
Yeah but people really stare when you burst into flames
Dude, have you looked at my avatar picture? I'm wearing heels from a fundraiser I did. Do you really think that I am uncomfortable with my masculinity?You asked for opinions so don't get mad when they don't come back the way you want,I personally like a longer coat and was simply trying to find a fun way to respond to the poster who was saying that long trench coats are "old-manish" by sharing one of my favorite image of guys wearing that type of coat.And I will reiterate...
I don't think these guys would look nearly as tough in cropped-length coats...
Thanks Zach - that's kind of my point because it seems to me that a lot of people, or at least among those I know, will tell you that something is "fact" because it is in the Bible. And while I don't want to argue about whether or not God exists, I am just curious to know if any of the stated facts about the world have been proven out.For me, I have always considered the Bible to be a book or parables and teachings, but it seems that more and more people have been...
I wouldn't call it a scientific fact that someone such as David was an actual person. I would say that the Bible makes a scientific claim when it says that Abraham conceived a son at 100 years of age and that son, Isaac, lived to be 180 years old. But so far, no one has offered an example of any miraculous claim in the Bible that have been subsequently proven through scientific means.
I don't know what you played, but I played a year of JV Football in high school and college lacrosse and I never saw anything like this.After reading a little more about this story in the Arizona papers though, you know what really annoys me about this?(First of all, let me point out that from my own experience of knowing people who send their kids to Mesa Prep (along with its sister school's Tempe Prep and Chandler Prep) that the schools tend to be favorites of many...
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