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I don't think it was overt, but some of the background conversations and some of the discussion of how the Old Republic moves into an Empire was reminiscent of fears of what was happening in America at the time and the war on terror. Although it might also have been talking about the Roman Empire. it definitely wasn't as good a commentary on the situation as Battlestar Galactica.And what, you didn't like the LOTR movies??? I loved those, in fact I even own the extended DVD...
Not gonna happen. But this does remind me of all the talk in '04 that Bush was going to dump Cheney for Condi Rice or someone else.
While I think the three newest Star Wars films had a decidedly anti-Bush subtext, I'd guess that as a sci-fi fan he's most likely fairly libertarian. That kind of strikes me as the philosophy behind the heroes of his films - socially liberal, but in favor of freedom. However, that's totally a guess on my part.But maybe he is more liberal, because I do know that he used to date Linda Ronstadt. My dad sat next to him on a flight into Tucson once in the early 80's when Lucas...
flip flops
"These are the NIMBYs you're looking for"
Haha - this is great. I had read the articles about him pulling the plans to expand his facilities in the face of his NIMBY neighbors, but the follow-up of selling the land for affordable housing is awesome!
I tend to think of him more as the producer of U2 and Tom Petty, but he's also produced Eminem and Lady Gaga.Paris Hilton is a nice accessory as well
While I agree with most of what he says, I'm not sure why he keeps crossing out charter school as if this is not one. Arizona allows both public and private groups (including religious ones) to run charter schools.
Wearing a suit out at night makes you look like you came straight from the office.
Stock is at 34 today. Maybe he should have worn a suit.
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