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Wear it out... find gullible women and tell them your name is Tiger Woods.
But you don't actually have enough data to measure anything meaningful.The arguments against total gun control are that it hasn't worked in Washington D.C. or Chicago, both of which are individual cities surrounded by areas where it is easy to get a gun and with no real ability to stop the flow of illegal weapons in those cities unless you searched every car or package entering the city limits.If you imposed a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons, high capacity...
You also have to keep in mind that in Arizona, Alaska, and one other state I can't recall, you don't need a permit to carry concealed. But I don't know if the issue here is about carrying concealed or openly. I thought we were discussing ways in which the damage of a mass shooter could be limited. Apparently no one wants to discuss whether or not limitations on certain types of weapons, clips, or amount of ammunition would be a way to mitigate the impact of someone...
I understand that diminishing returns means that for some period of time, there are actually returns. However, your attitude seems to be that we shouldn't even take small steps that might impact the possibility of these events happening. Neither Globetrotter nor myself has argued that we should ban all guns or tried to claim that we can prevent all violence or gun deaths, but taking some reasonable measures might actually help. Unfortunately, it seems that you are...
Arizona requires more than just a fence between the houses. You need a fence that actually goes around the pool with gates that have releases above a certain height so that children can't typically reach them. If you have a sliding glass door from your house to the pool, it's required to have a release above a certain height as well.
No, they are typically paid for by private donations from pool builders or community organizations.
Most cities in Arizona, where child drowning is a real problem, have enacted pool fence and gate requirements. Additionally, there are free swimming lessons available and lots of media coverage about watching your children around pools. So, yes, people are trying to do something about this instead of just throwing their hands up in the air and saying. "people drown, it's inevitable".
Well its nice that you believe that, but there was a big report issued recently stating that despite his claims, Joe Paterno actually did know about the 1998 allegations. The investigators even cited e-mails and other correspondence to prove that Paterno knew.You may have heard of this report. It was done by the former director of the FBI, a guy named Louis Freeh.From Freeh's press conference...
The Freeh Report is pretty clear that Paterno knew of the 1998 investigation.
This was in 2001 right? Which means that Paterno already knew about the 1998 allegations. Even if nothing was proven in 1998 it should have been a warning and Paterno should have moved swiftly in 2001 when any allegation against Sandusky was made. The fact is that Paterno made the decision to do nothing on two occasions and purposely stopped further investigations.Paterno can burn in hell.
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