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Why not do something like Blaine on Glee?
Really stupid, but kind of serious question... Will there be name tags? I know its kind of declasse, but with so many people, most of whom go by screen names and often use avatars that are not actual pictures of themselves, I would actually appreciate the ability to know who people are by both name and screen name.
Hard to say, but with the ticket pocket and surgeon's cuffs I would think that it could certainly be worn as a sportcoat.
Wait, are you saying that I don't need to wear my official SF tie from Carlo Franco???
One I forgot to mention - LL Bean sells a lot of products in tall sizes and they have some nice long sleeved dress and casual shirts. I've found that the sleeves on their tall shirts are long enough to work for my 36-inch shirtsleeves and they are a lot more affordable than the Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom shirts I previously mentioned.
I am 6'3", 185 lbs. I wear a 42L jacket, 16 x 36 shirt, 33-34/34 pants, so I understand your concerns. The only places that I can find shirts in the proper neck/sleeve length are Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom's brand. Go for the Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts or the Nordstrom SmartCare and you'll be fine. In jeans, I find that a standard straight leg jean is the best for me. Basically, the standard Levi's 501 cut or similar. Skinny jeans would be too tight and make my...
My understanding is that you send an e-mail to styleforum10@gmail.com and post a note here that you will be in attendance.
Made my reservations and bought my tickets! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
You guys must have a lot more money to spend than I did in grad school!
That makes sense. One thought is that if you already have a trim-cut, modern suit that you like, why not just wear it without a tie or even with a polo shirt to any event where you might want to wear a sportcoat? Dressing down in a suit is a good look - or at least I think so
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