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Great interview with Jared Harris (Lane Pryce) about the episode... (Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched Sunday's episode of Mad Men, read no further.) Sunday night's episode of AMC's "Mad Men" packed a heavy load of sadness and regret, with the graphic suicide of Lane Pryce (Jared Harris), the British financial officer for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. For Harris, whose character decides to hang himself in his ad-agency office, the moment was a bittersweet one. But...
I wonder if they will change the name of the agency now.
I thought it was a great episode! The fact that Don went home and told Megan about Lane's fraud was refreshing. He never would have told Betty anything about the office. Lane's suicide was not all that surprising, he's always been weak. I was a little surprised that Don didn't tell Glenn to stay the hell away from his daughter, but I loved the fact that the kid wanted more than anything else was to drive a car - refreshing innocence. And I certainly hope that the...
Not Guilty - Now he is free to date the alternate juror who's been flirting with him.
Actually I'm responsible.. and he's not gone, just taking a month off to consider his behavior toward new members and people that come here to ask basic questions.Do you have a problem with that?
For a long time my style has been bi-polar between broish items like v-neck t-shirts, flip flops, non-selvage jeans, baseball hats and hoodies juxtaposed against trad classics like Brooks Brothers suits, sportcoats and repp ties, Clark's desert boots, khaki's, Allen Edmonds shoes, and madras plaid. This has caused me to question what style I like and to be torn about what style I present to onlookers. However, tonight a revelation came to me and I realized that it is...
He can't respond, his account has been suspended for being a jerk. - Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
Actually Weiner signed on for three more seasons last summer, so there will be at least two more seasons after this one ends. I don't think the show has jumped the shark. Joan made a business move and quite possibly became the first female partner on Madison Avenue. Considering how vital she was to opening the new agency they should have made her a junior partner in the first place, like Lane and Pete, but clearly they still considered her to be just a secretary. The...
And you determined this based on what? The fact that this young man took time to ask whether a gingham shirt was appropriate attire?You're a dick. Yes, you're trolling, but you are still being a dick.
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