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I was going to see this soon, but last night I promised my 8-year-old that I would wait and see it with him in two weeks when I am home. The anticipation builds...
Yes, Park Avenues are definitely comfortable enough to wear for the type of walking you describe. However, you really shouldn't wear any one pair of shoes everyday so you should at least try to get another pair of shoes to rotate with the Park Avenues. Also, are you going to be wearing a suit everyday, because captoes are generally reserved for wear with a suit, so if you are wearing something else, than a wingtip or punchtoe might be more versatile for your needs.
Totally serious. But , never mind - not 5 minutes after posting my question a TV ad for the movie came on. Then again, I think that is first one I have seen. Otherwise all I have seen is an insurance ad, for Allstate or State Farm, I think which has a bunch of fat guys dressed like the characters. So that would be a tie-in, but not a direct ad. Have they been running ads and I just haven't noticed?
Just curious, but are they doing any TV advertising for this film. It hit me today that I don't believe I've seen any ads for this movie - maybe one during the SuperBowl but I can't remember. But, I keep seeing ads for other movies like Battleship. If they're not running ads, I'm pretty impressed because this I hear they are predicting the biggest opening ever and I know it's already done huge numbers overseas.
Hefner Night
Oh good, I won't feel bad about wearing my Spanx for Men anymore
No, I'm saving them for this weekend
What world do you live in? 15% isn't a competitive bodybuilder or a professional athlete, but for a regular guy, 15% is pretty damn fit.
I'm preparing for the weekend by watching an Anne Hathaway movie! OK, it's The Princess Diaries, but it still counts. (It's on ABC Family right now)
A college formal doesn't mean formal like black-tie, it means formal as in guys wear a tie and girls put on a party dress. If it were a winter formal, he'd likely want to wear a darker suit, but for a spring formal a khaki suit is completely appropriate. Some of the guys will likely show up in a blue blazer and khakis.
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