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Honestly, I don't think you should worry about the shoes or anything else anymore. Based on what you are wearing you're going to look better than 99% of the other guys there, so get used to being a 1-percenter Just don't let the clothes get in the way of having fun. Remember, once you get there its not about what you are wearing, it's about what you are doing!
I think a light blue flower to match her dress would be fine with what you described and she will appreciate it. If you have a good florist, they could probably do a white boutonniere with some sort of blue accent. Pinning a flower to your lapel is fine.
While not all of these shows are still on television, I would say: Don Draper - Mad Men Frasier Crane - Frasier Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock Leo McGarry - The West Wing Ari Gold - Entourage Victor Sifuentes (Jimmy Smits) - LA Law Horatio Caine - CSI Miami Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) - Las Vegas Sonny Crockett - Miami Vice James Rockford - The Rockford Files
I'm not a fan of the BB stuff that you find at the Nordstrom stores. It seems too fashion forward and one reason I buy both regular BB and Nordstrom brand dress shirts is because they don't have the split length sleeves but rather both are places where I can get my 16/36 shirts. I suppose BB is doing the split length in Nordies so they don't have to carry as big a selection in those stores, but I really feel like it dilutes the brand. That being said, there were some very...
You never take your ring off.
Just curious, did anyone else take advantage of the sale at the Ed Hardy store while we were in SF? I picked up a new shirt for just $20!
Great pics Gus! Thanks for posting them.
I will have to start growing my beard. Are those gloves bespoke?
How about Lebanon, Kansas?
Loafers? Fuck you, they were cordovan colored Allen Edmond McCallisters. Seriously though that was an epically awesome weekend!!! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put it together and to everyone who came out from both near and far.After chatting with so many of you for the last decade online it was absolutely incredible to meet everyone in real life!In case you can't tell, I had an absolute blast and truly enjoyed meeting everyone!Let's hope we don't have to...
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