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Ugh - John Edwards - WTF was I thinking??? I did get the Obama call right.I still think I was right about McCain, but at least I had some love for Mitt
Well, I'm screwed either way
My point exactly.
Just curious - what's the age limit in this thread at which you are considered old?
I'm pretty sure he is a total d-bag, but too me its a non-issue. In fact, I don't know why we care about performance-enhancing drugs in any sport. USADA spends millions to get Lance Armstrong, the US Congress wastes time "investigating" steroids in baseball. Let these athletes do whatever the hell they want. Who cares?
I proudly wore my LIVESTRONG shirt to the gym this morning. I'm sorry, but to me this is stupid. The USADA went after Armstrong like he was a mob boss. If it was really about the doping they wouldn't have given immunity to all his teammates, but instead they clearly threatened them unless they flipped on Armstrong. This is the type of thing you do if you are trying to bring down a mob boss and a drug operation because keeping him in his position will cause more crimes...
Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World has his kids at the same school as mine and I see him all the time at Dad's Club meetings and school events.
Always get those schools confused.
Doesn't Andy Bernard on The Office have a liberal arts degree from Dartmouth? This backlash isn't all that surprising. As Zach said, there is a glut of people with liberal arts degrees who can't find work right now, so it's no wonder people are pissed. Do what you love and study stuff like "ancient black female poetry" or whatever is not good preparation for finding a job. If my kids want to do liberal arts, I am going to insist that they continue through graduate school...
Sweet - thank you Parker!!!
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