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I'm preparing for the weekend by watching an Anne Hathaway movie! OK, it's The Princess Diaries, but it still counts. (It's on ABC Family right now)
A college formal doesn't mean formal like black-tie, it means formal as in guys wear a tie and girls put on a party dress. If it were a winter formal, he'd likely want to wear a darker suit, but for a spring formal a khaki suit is completely appropriate. Some of the guys will likely show up in a blue blazer and khakis.
I wear a 42L coat and have a 34" waist.I think this is pretty common for almost all RTW suits, not just TF.
Either the light blue or white shirt will work. Pair it with a tie with some red in it, not a "red power tie" but something with a spring or lighter feel. As someone stated previously, a bow tie would be an excellent look with this.
AE Park Avenues Club Room (Macy's) Argyles Navy suit
I think what you described sounds perfectly fine. While a dress shirt would be a bit more formal, its unnecessary here in California and especially in Santa Barbara which is really a resort community and a place where a polo shirt would not be out of place at all.
Actually I'm walking in a fundraiser tomorrow called "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" for an anti-domestic violence group here in Sacramento. 400+ men are entered and so far we've raised over $200,000
Now its really Friday
Casual Friday - Light blue poplin pants from O'Connells Club Room socks from Macy's Dirty Bucks
I figured as much, but boy, what a long conversation. Shouldn't they just welcome him to the team and then let him get out on stage?
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