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Now its really Friday
Casual Friday - Light blue poplin pants from O'Connells Club Room socks from Macy's Dirty Bucks
I figured as much, but boy, what a long conversation. Shouldn't they just welcome him to the team and then let him get out on stage?
Poe went to the Chiefs at number 11. The suit looked good, but what I'm going to remember is that he stayed on his phone for nearly 5 minutes after his name was called, leaving the commissioner hanging on stage waiting for Poe to come out and shake hands. I wonder who was on the phone that was so important it couldn't be interrupted to out and be happy you just got drafted.
Today's combo - AE Grayson tassel loafers Macy's Club Room striped socks HS&M navy suit
If she's styling Amar'e and LeBron she's doing quite nicely. Both of them look great every time you see them interviewed. From her quotes, it sounds as though she knows what she's doing. I'll probably be watching on Thursday night, so I'll have to try and remember to keep an eye out for Poe to see how he looks.
Salisbury Washington National Cathedral Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ
Do they even still kneel at Catholic masses? Seems like that was something we did in the Episcopal Church growing up, but not something my Catholic friends did (or do) at their services.
Some members of this forum would probably consider Jesus to be underdressed if he showed up at their church. He was apparently known for wearing sandals and robes.
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