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He can't respond, his account has been suspended for being a jerk. - Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.
Actually Weiner signed on for three more seasons last summer, so there will be at least two more seasons after this one ends. I don't think the show has jumped the shark. Joan made a business move and quite possibly became the first female partner on Madison Avenue. Considering how vital she was to opening the new agency they should have made her a junior partner in the first place, like Lane and Pete, but clearly they still considered her to be just a secretary. The...
And you determined this based on what? The fact that this young man took time to ask whether a gingham shirt was appropriate attire?You're a dick. Yes, you're trolling, but you are still being a dick.
Twitter - I've tweeted about several books written by friends and constantly find myself followed by authors now.
I think your original outfit will be fine and completely appropriate for the occasion. There is no need to add a jacket to what you suggested. And Mr. Treehorn is being an ass.
Brooklyn Lee
Not sure how much weight you can put on this, but the porn stars say Clinton called them over...(Emphasis added because that is my favorite line of the story)http://www.politico.com/blogs/click/2012/05/porn-stars-clinton-called-us-over-124566.html
Bill Clinton is the original Roger Sterling. Although I wonder if he knew that these girls were porn stars. Probably just smiling because he's posing with pretty girls.
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