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@Bulldoggery - Have you considered moving trying a pair of 508's. They are a tapered cut, not skinny, but much more so than 501s. I've also been a straight leg type of guy, but I got a pair of the 508s recently and have been very happy with them. From the description of your build, they might work for you as well.
This is one of the funniest lines ever!
I thought LabelKing came in from Beijing
Yeah but people really stare when you burst into flames
Dude, have you looked at my avatar picture? I'm wearing heels from a fundraiser I did. Do you really think that I am uncomfortable with my masculinity?You asked for opinions so don't get mad when they don't come back the way you want,I personally like a longer coat and was simply trying to find a fun way to respond to the poster who was saying that long trench coats are "old-manish" by sharing one of my favorite image of guys wearing that type of coat.And I will reiterate...
I don't think these guys would look nearly as tough in cropped-length coats...
I was like who's that old guy, then I went, crap it's me!
Well at least he's maintaining his US Citizenship unlike Eduardo Saverin who has moved to Singapore and renounced his.
Which part is it where the Hooter's girl sits down at the table with me and asks what I'd like to order?
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