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Totally serious. But , never mind - not 5 minutes after posting my question a TV ad for the movie came on. Then again, I think that is first one I have seen. Otherwise all I have seen is an insurance ad, for Allstate or State Farm, I think which has a bunch of fat guys dressed like the characters. So that would be a tie-in, but not a direct ad. Have they been running ads and I just haven't noticed?
Just curious, but are they doing any TV advertising for this film. It hit me today that I don't believe I've seen any ads for this movie - maybe one during the SuperBowl but I can't remember. But, I keep seeing ads for other movies like Battleship. If they're not running ads, I'm pretty impressed because this I hear they are predicting the biggest opening ever and I know it's already done huge numbers overseas.
Hefner Night
Oh good, I won't feel bad about wearing my Spanx for Men anymore
No, I'm saving them for this weekend
What world do you live in? 15% isn't a competitive bodybuilder or a professional athlete, but for a regular guy, 15% is pretty damn fit.
I'm preparing for the weekend by watching an Anne Hathaway movie! OK, it's The Princess Diaries, but it still counts. (It's on ABC Family right now)
A college formal doesn't mean formal like black-tie, it means formal as in guys wear a tie and girls put on a party dress. If it were a winter formal, he'd likely want to wear a darker suit, but for a spring formal a khaki suit is completely appropriate. Some of the guys will likely show up in a blue blazer and khakis.
I wear a 42L coat and have a 34" waist.I think this is pretty common for almost all RTW suits, not just TF.
Either the light blue or white shirt will work. Pair it with a tie with some red in it, not a "red power tie" but something with a spring or lighter feel. As someone stated previously, a bow tie would be an excellent look with this.
New Posts  All Forums: