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You forgot to mention the Tommy Bahama shirt.
flip flops
I tend to think of him more as the producer of U2 and Tom Petty, but he's also produced Eminem and Lady Gaga.Paris Hilton is a nice accessory as well
Wearing a suit out at night makes you look like you came straight from the office.
Stock is at 34 today. Maybe he should have worn a suit.
I picked up a pair in beeswax today. They've got quite a few in stock right now.They also have lots of dirty bucks and other suedes right now along with some Allen Edmonds.In the past I've bought many pairs of AEs and Frye Boots there as well.
I'd say Matt is more like 6-foot. Then again, I was also standing next to Manton quite a bit, so I didn't feel that tall myself.
Yep, that's him.So glad I was caught mid-swig
He was a very small man wasn't he? Practically Foo sized
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