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I wonder how long until women who feel this way start demanding reparations.
Perhaps that was the original intent, but it appears that now it's being interpreted as #YesAllMenDo.
Of course it would be. In fact she probably lied about being a sex slave because of white male privilege. I'm sure there's some excuse that the feminists would be able to make. Apparently we are all to blame.
And apparently a code phrase for "white male".
Apparently we can't just blame Rodgers, according to Feministing, we're not allowed to argue that he was just crazy, but rather that he is the "product of a white supremacist and misogynistic society." http://feministing.com/2014/05/30/an-open-letter-to-privileged-people-who-play-devils-advocate/
I haven't worn a suit in almost a year. I haven't even worn a tie more than a dozen times. I don't miss it at all.
Haha!. I just can't believe how many normally intelligent women I know who are posting this crap.
OK - Does this hashtag annoy everyone as much as it does me? Whether or not all women are worried about being attacked, harassed, whatever by men... it doesn't mean that all men are doing these things! You know what else is commonly done? Babies are tagged in the hospital when they are born! That's because there is a small percentage of women will steal newborns from the hospital. But I'll bet if you said "#YesAllWomen protect their babies from other women" you wouldn't...
They definitely fit differently than work boots. My other boots that are most similar would be my Frye Engineer boots, but even those aren't exactly the same. Then again, I've owned various pairs of DBs since I was a kid, so I'm probably used to them.
Did you size down? If you buy your regular size in DB they tend to slip and will definitely feel like slippers.
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