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Canali suit, Nordstrom shirt, Brooks Brothers tie... oh, and letting my true self out 😅 Happy Halloween 🍊
OK, sometimes I still dress like an actual member of this forum. Today, Brooks Brothers vintage (1984) 3/2 roll suit, Nordstrom dress shirt, tie from Cable Car Clothiers (Robert Kirk) and black AE Park Avenues.[IMG][IMG][IMG]
Cable Car is insanely overpriced. Go over to Berkeley Hat Company and you can find just as good a selection for a much more reasonable cost.
I've gone back and forth on hats over the years. I like them and I have several fedoras, flat caps, trilbys, and lots of baseball caps, but I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that other than a baseball hat, they don't really work in today's society. Modern cars don't provide enough headroom for a hat, eating and drinking establishments barely have coat checks much less a place to put your hat, and almost everyone wearing one looks like they're trying too hard. I've...
I'd suggest you add a bow tie and a pocket square to the look for a semi-formal. As for wearing them regularly, they'd be fine with a white or navy polo shurt or even a button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of topsiders or loafers without socks. Think 1960s JFK style for inspiration.
Dressed up my casual Friday with my Brooks Brothers blue blazer (with monogrammed buttons), Reyn Spooner signature popover, Levi's 527 slim boot cut jeans, and chili AE Maxfield'so.
It appears to be a manufacturing issue because one shoe has a gap where the insole meets the side where the other shoe does not. I'm not sure how you think the OP's feet would have caused that. Bone spurs? As for social media, check out the AE twitter feed and you'll see that they are using it as a way to provide customer service not just as a way to build PR.
I'd go with a classic hopsack blazer like the Traveler from Orvis.
PS - they respond very quickly through their Twitter account so you could message them that way first.
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