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Tennis has levels now too. I just signed up for some group lessons because I want to start playing again after 35 years of not doing so. I had to get assessed, and as I anticipated, I am back at a beginner level. People say it will come back to me, but it certainly didn't in 5 minutes of hitting with the pro. He gave me a 1.5 ranking and I'm pretty sure he was being generous. No matter though, I start group lessons on Monday and we'll see how it goes.
Pretty sure it was Matt Damon on Mars, not Mark Wahlberg 😁
Merry Christmas! This is actually fairly SF approved and quite trad. Nantucket Reds, LL Bean long sleeved polo, Brooks Brothers 3/2 roll blazer, Clark's desert boots.
I feel you on that. Our 14-year-old cat has kidney disease and I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that we will probably lose him far sooner than I will be ready for it. Pets are definitely part of the family.
As always, our office is adopting a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm fine with helping a poor family get a good meal for Thanksgiving and getting them some needed stuff so the kids have Christmas presents, but it annoys me when the male child is asking for X-Box games as part of his presents. I'm sorry, but I work for a living and my kids don't even have an X-Box! Yet, this single mom who can't afford to buy her kids presents or a Thanksgiving meal has an...
That sounds like a good move. I'm guessing the services will be pretty crowded. You'll be right down the street from my parents though 😀
NVM - I was able to confirm with Baracuta that my jacket is a genuine G9 made under license for the US market in the 1980s.
Election day calls for traditional American style... which is what I wear every day. Brooks Brothers shirt, LL Bean khakis, and Allen Edmonds loafers.
I used to have one of those. If it fits, keep it. I outgrew mine. Now I have a goatskin Brooks Brothers that was listed on Ebay as Brook & Brothers and I got for a song.
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