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OK, so not in this forum, but certainly on my Facebook, has anyone noticed that the same people who 6 months ago were claiming Trump was a plant by the Democrats are now the ones who are the loudest screaming that Trump is a good conservative getting screwed by the establishment? So many people and pundits have just left all consistency behind this year.
Cable Car is insanely overpriced. Go over to Berkeley Hat Company and you can find just as good a selection for a much more reasonable cost.
Yes, because that would encourage people to have sex. Nevermind the fact that Colorado did it and abortions rates dropped 40% in one year however continued funding is being blocked by "pro-life" Republicans. It's almost like stopping abortion isn't their real motivation.
Not sure what it has to with Jews, but what an idiotic article. If you don't like the people who were chosen to fill cabinet positions that's fine but complaining that it happened before the election is just ignorant. Both campaigns already have transition teams in place and are already vetting candidates. In fact, if I recall correctly, both campaign transition teams are working out of the same building in Washington DC and this is not new to this election.
I've gone back and forth on hats over the years. I like them and I have several fedoras, flat caps, trilbys, and lots of baseball caps, but I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that other than a baseball hat, they don't really work in today's society. Modern cars don't provide enough headroom for a hat, eating and drinking establishments barely have coat checks much less a place to put your hat, and almost everyone wearing one looks like they're trying too hard. I've...
The only problem with abortions is that the wrong people get them while stupid people keep pumping out kids.
I'd suggest you add a bow tie and a pocket square to the look for a semi-formal. As for wearing them regularly, they'd be fine with a white or navy polo shurt or even a button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of topsiders or loafers without socks. Think 1960s JFK style for inspiration.
I'd like to know how exactly Hillary would break the law by appointing Supreme Court Justice who will uphold Roe v. Wade? Is this the same type of logic that says Presidents in the last year of their term don't get to appoint Supreme Court Justices?
You have until 11 days before the election to request an early ballot... and vote for Evan McMullin if you want, or skip the Presidential. There's no shame in that.
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