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Merry Christmas! This is actually fairly SF approved and quite trad. Nantucket Reds, LL Bean long sleeved polo, Brooks Brothers 3/2 roll blazer, Clark's desert boots.
People have been saying this for 50 years and it still hasn't happened.
Speaking of security, are we going to have to provide security for every Trump property around the world now? I can't imagine a group of more enticing targets for terrorists.
My Cali-liberal friends are losing their shit over the fact that Ivanka sat in on the meeting with the Japanese PMP. Shouldn't they be happy about it. I thought CW was that she's the one who will keep her dad under control.
Yes, I'm not saying he should get State. Make him the Healthcare Czar or something. Use those esteemed Bain & Co. Turnaround skills 😀
I'd be amazed if it happens... or really if any #NeverTrump people get positions in the administration, but who knows. Personally, I'd love to see Trump put Mitt in charge of coming up with a replacement for Obamacare or fixing the VA. I'd think his skills would be well suited for either of those projects.
I feel you on that. Our 14-year-old cat has kidney disease and I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that we will probably lose him far sooner than I will be ready for it. Pets are definitely part of the family.
I'm sure it was supposed to be a victory lap.
As always, our office is adopting a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm fine with helping a poor family get a good meal for Thanksgiving and getting them some needed stuff so the kids have Christmas presents, but it annoys me when the male child is asking for X-Box games as part of his presents. I'm sorry, but I work for a living and my kids don't even have an X-Box! Yet, this single mom who can't afford to buy her kids presents or a Thanksgiving meal has an...
Oh, not on here. I was referring to statements I'm seeing on Twitter and Facebook.
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