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Looking for Size 4. Thank you!
Kate Moss Sold!
I'm looking to purchase a pair of new/gently used Common Project Achilles Low in White (Size 45).
Good Day to All! Size L. $375 $320 OBO. Condition 9/10. Worn ~ 5 times Size XL. $150 $120 OBO. Condition 8/10. Paypal Preferred. Buyer add 4%. Based in NYC. Meetup Possible. Thanks!
Good day to all. Can someone pass me Meermin's contact? I have sent them an email message (twice) via their website but I have not heard from them yet and it's been a month already. http://meermin.es/home.php?idioma=eng Thank you.
Good Day to All.. I'll be visiting HK for 4 days and I don't want to end up saying "Damn.. I should have checked out that shop" at the end of the trip. Here's the list I have in mind. Tailor (Plan to go to Lee Baron for this trip) - WW Chan - Ascot Chang - Lee Baron - Jantzen Haberdashery - The Armoury Leather Goods / Footwear - Tassel - Zee Leather Street / Casual Wear - I.T. - Take 5 (Denim) Feel free to offer me your suggestions (esp. cuff links, belts, brief...
Sorry for the late reply. 32cm by 11.5cm
32 cm. Shoot me an offer. Thank you.
Price to sell. Nothing wrong with the loafers. Just a size I can't wear else I would gladly have kept them. Suitable for members with shoes size US12.5
Price to sell. Please pay with paypal gift, otherwise add 4% to total. I am located in Singapore. Thank you.
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