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Thanks takashi! Does anyone has experience with TM / alumo fabric? Does it feel better on the skin? Or does it last longer? I'm really curious to find out more about high end shirting fabric. Happy to hear your experiences. Thank you.
I am planning a trip to hk in June and would love to pay a visit to Ascot Chang. I have a few queries and if a fellow member can kindly provide answers to the following questions, that will be very helpful. 1. For new customers, is AC strict with the 3 shirts rule? 2. How much does it cost to have a shirt made using house fabric? How about TM fabric? 3. AC has 4 stores in HK. Is it recommended to visit the one at peninsula hotel? Thank you.
@bamboo - thanks for your recommendation!
@gshen - In praise of exceptional craftsmanship from VFC. *Pink Garden
Good day to all! I plan to commission my tailor for a third bespoke business suit. I'm looking at medium gray with very subtle window pane, SB and peak lapel. Also, I live in the Far East where the weather is hot and humid all year round. Can someone kindly offer me advice on a suitable suiting fabric that looks similar to the one below: Thank you!
The dimensions for the BB are 7cm x 142cm. The dimensions for the Drake's are 7cm x 147cm. The dimensions for the EG Cappelli are 10cm x 150cm.
Good day to all! $50 $40 + Shipping From Left to Right: - Brooks Brothers Black Fleece (Wool) - Drake's for Barneys (Shantung) - Drake's for Barneys (Shantung / Silk) - E.G. Cappelli (Printed Silk)
Selling these ties as I am no longer required to wear ties in the office. From left to right: BB (Slim wool tie) Hermes Silk Tie Ferragamo Silk Tie Burberry Silk Tie
$150 $100 + shipping Up for sale is a pair of Church's Sheldon in the 130 Last. They're a size UK 11.5 F on the 130 last (slight chiseled toe), which is a standard width for Church's. As an indication, I wear a EU45.5 on Vass F Last / EU46 on Vass U Last / UK11.5 on EG 606 They were bought from the factory store, and are labeled as seconds.
@razl Thanks! @jonathanS Yes, indeed. I've included a slight buffer on the price with absolutely no intention of profiting from the sale. If someone were to offer $350, I'll most likely cover the shipping sort of thing.
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