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That is most ridiculous. Obviously the answer is no.
Do a pinch test on the bubbles.
Svenn never fails to chime in on threads like these:D
I have no problems with your policies but the sudden cutoff in communication is definitely not good customer servicing. I requested for cancellation, no replies from MT whatsoever after that and the next day I received a shipment notification. This is very confusing, Leah.On a brighter note, the fit of the shirt is pretty spot on. Thankfully.
Home made, hand made
MalaysiaUPDATE: I've requested to cancel my order and to my surprise, I actually received a shipping confirmation just now!. All in less than a day.
I have no idea why am I requested to produce such documents. It was not mentioned at all during the entire ordering proces. EDIT: i was told that this is the standard procedure for orders coming from my country to prevent fraudulence.
Everyone, I've ordered my first trial shirt, however I understand that I need to provide documents? I received the email below: We understand that this is your first order. Before we can have our master tailor check this, we'd need you to provide the following proofs of identification to validate your order: 1. Scanned copy of front of credit card you have used 2. Scanned copy of ID with photo, plus signature (passport or driver's license) 3. Complete billing address 4....
Yes. Stamped Made in Spain.
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