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Price drop to $65!
Hi everyone Downsizing my wardrobe and selling shoes that haven't been worn in some time. 1) US 10/UK 9 Black Salvatore Ferragamo Derby Shoes - rubber soles, minimal heel wear as shown in pictures, $75 2) US 10/UK 9 Black Ludwig Reiter casual leather sneakers - rubber soles, minimal wear as well, $65 Or take both for $125. I'm based in Melbourne Australia so postage for 1 pair is $30, both for $45. Thanks!
Hi everyone I'm selling 2 pairs of Nike sneakers that I have not worn in some time. Both are US 10.5/UK 9.5 and as you can see from pictures, have minimal/hardly any heel wear. I have truly worn them no more than 5 times each. One of the 2 is the famed Vandal Geoff Mcfetridge sneakers and my asking price is truly unbeatable. Just $75 for both + shipping. Thats $37.50 for almost brand new shoes with minimal wear. I am based in Melbourne, Australia so postage to the...
Hi all! Up for sale is my Gucci quartz steel dress watch. The reason why I am selling is I have recently purchased another watch and must move this to recover some funds. This beautiful piece has a 38 mm case and was purchased 6 years ago. I was unable to find the box and papers, but I guarantee authenticity 100% with full refund of purchase price and shipping in the improbable event of inauthenticity. This watch is in great condition and I would rate it at 85-90%. ...
absolutely final drop 110 to 100
final drop USD 120 to 110
price drop USD 130 to USD 120
Hi everyone I recently purchased these RLPL twill chinos from the B&S board..just received them and unfortunately, they didn't fit my thighs Letting them go for exactly what I paid, USD 130 + postage Please see the original thread where I bought them from for measurements and pics
Hi everyone, first post here. Quick question regarding Bexley shoe trees. I wear a UK9 for C&J and UK 9.5 for G &G. I'm thinking of buying some shoe trees from Bexley but they only stock UK 8.5 and UK 9.5, no UK 9's. Which size should I buy? Thanks!
PM sent! Would like to buy a pair
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