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I'm interested in a 38s or even possibly a 36s.
Same thing for me with my AE Fifth Ave and Park Ave but its slowly diminishing as its starts to break in. I've wore them maybe 6 times but they are definitely breaking in.
I just received my first Sam Hober tie and I love it! I'm sure to buy more ties from David in the future!
I'm interested in the tie. What's the width/length and condition?
Anyone tried Arrow shirts? I have the fitted kind and they are my best fit shirt. Its a slim fit and I like how there's very little extra in the waist. I just tried BB's Slim and there's a little bit of extra in the waist which I'm not a fan off. Anyone know what brand closely match Arrow's fitted shirt? I"m looking for higher quality brands because obviously Arrow's quality is not so hot.
Received my Borelli tie!
Sure, i would like to see pics and measurements.
Thanks for the responses. I have an additional question: Is tailoring chest or waist down an easy and inexpensive alteration?
After doing searches for shoulder/chest sizing, is it correct to say that a suit should fit well on the shoulders and the rest can be tailored? Thanks!
Are all the Brioni ties 3.75 inches?
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