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+1 on the HY brollies, I believe those and Kent Wang's offering are one in the same, mines had a bit of use with the spits and spats we've had this week.
Any of those beauties left for sale, tobiasj?
Can recommend malin + goetz as well. I've used most of the MensBiz offerings in the way of scrubs and M+G outdoes the lot (even the Urth scrub) IMO.
Same here streetminimal, big ups to Jason. The note is a nice touch! Think I may have to order a shirt now .
Viccel for solids. Free shipping to AUS, 10% SF discount. Check the affiliate thread. Patterns, happy socks.
I sized down to 28 for my last pair of APC NCs (30 normally), could just get the buttons done up. Threw some water on the waistband and other tight areas then went for a vigorous 4km cycle on my single speed, painful, but they stretched out no dramas.
Excellent, many thanks gents.
Can anyone recommend a cobbler in Brisbane to put a topy on some shoes? Cheers.
Just wondering where I could get some work/dress shoes in Brisbane, DJ's had a pair of loakes, waay too big and way to expensive. I was thinking of trying the Cloak Room, any other places in the city carry decent labels?
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