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I'm digging them as well. Maybe any comparisons to other Meermin lasts (e.g. Hiro) out there? (Though I'm starting to doubt that the Loafers will get 'funded').
Thank you!Anyone with similar experience? My DMs in UK 9 feel a bit narrow in the toe area and I'm afraid that Rui in 8.5 might be too small (especially as I don't own a single pair from any shoe company that is smaller than UK 9). Is it better to go safe and take a UK 9?
Any experience how to size the Rui compared to the Hiro? I have the DMs in Hiro UK9 and I'm planning to get these Bluchers on the Rui last http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2342 Any help is highly appreciated
Did you end up buying half a size bigger? I sized .5 up from my normal size (10 in Roshe Runs, AF1, etc) and I could have easily gone 1 size up as well.
The runners were already released today on the Nike EU store for 130€ a pair. Copped the red ones as I really like the preview pics.
Size has them in UK9 (US10) with free international shipping http://www.size.co.uk/product/nike-air-force-1-downtown-hi-qs/126046/
Added fit pics and price drop to 80€
Can only second that. It is very country specific though as e.g. Austria, Germany and UK are more into sneakers (thought mostly Air Max and asics releases from what I can tell). I went to Prague last Thursday and the Footlocker there still had the Jordan 12 Taxis in all sizes. Austria’s Nike webstore still had many Jordan 11 Gamma sizes hours after the official release and some stores in Vienna still stock the Jordan 3 Retros...
The 20% off banner on the front page is just for outerwear. 30% off on F/W is an extra code you got by mail if you're subscribed to their newsletter.
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