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Can't go wrong with the Hyperdunks either. Been playing them indoors and outdoors for a while and they are holding up well and have good traction and cushioning.
Just stumbled upon this thread. Pull ups this year so far: around 220. 13,589 + 220 = 13,809
I've had very mixed experiences regarding their quality and sizing. A pair of dark blue trousers turned reddish-blue after the first wash. my M T-shirt is quite big for M, while my M sweater is very tight and short.
Their sale site is already up here (for a preview of what will be on sale) but doesn't link to the products yet. Should happen soon as far as I remember.
COS Sale has started. Ordered some basic Tees, Trousers and Polo shirts. Let's see what they are like in real life. The quality and fit of COS is very inconsistent IMO.
The strap kills the whole shoe for me... what were they thing with those colors?
Voo Store sale is on as well. Aweful webdesign but has some Acne, Our Legacy, Adidas x Rick Owens, etc
This is (unfortunately) quite a common thing in Europe. I'm not really sure why people take this kind of loans (I guess mostly based on persuasive sales methods by bank employees smelling the big commission they get from such deals). I remember a couple of years ago reading articles about people in Austria and Poland getting in huge financial troubles because they took out loans in swiss francs and the currency the skyrocketed...
Same in Europe. Footlocker EU still has most sizes in stock. I hope it stays like this for future releases. Planning on getting a pair of Jordan IV in 2015.
20% off at End Clothing with Code: AW14PREVIEW
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