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Chrono is right. In fact, mine have a silhouette almost just like 501s after about two weeks. (I sized down 2.)
+++ Good advice here. Fit is indeed erratic as is stock. You "just gotta be there." I'm surprised people think the fabric is low quality -- never had that impression, especially considering the low prices. I'm mostly anti-brand names and fashion trends of all kinds, but H&M fills a very important niche in the market -- giving college students an affordable place to shop with mostly decent looking, trim fitting clothing at a bargain. It's the Gap killer-app.
Good one. Cya.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I would, however, not coin them as "ghetto." Then it's a good thing you have me around. Seriously, if we didn't have different opinions on clothing, there'd be no reason for this board. Quote: Originally Posted by kronik "look, that guy buys 19 dollar shirts" response. Your reading comprehension skills need work. I didn't say RL polos were ghetto because they cost $19, I...
Gradstudent, thanks for the info. The learning curve on some of this still seems a bit higher than just telling someone to use a machine, but I'll start using some of this advice.
Cairo, the parenthetical was a Seinfeld quote. Clearly I touched a nerve with some people by dissing their darling RL polos. I actually agree with DarkNWorm -- you see them everywhere from Cape Cod to Compton because they're extremely popular with all Americans, rich and poor. You can buy them for $70 at Bloomingdales or for $19 at Filene's. This is exactly why they're too played out for me personally. It therefore follows that I'm entitled to share my opinion on...
Keep your foreign language skills sharp. Don't rule out starting your career somewhere boring like NY. Working for a big bank there for 1+ years will often open doors to transferring abroad, and you'll have something marketable and prestigious on your resume if you were on Wall Street. I've seen many people do this successfully - and it seems somewhat easier than directly applying for jobs in other faraway lands.
Lots of the things in that link to me didn't seem passive aggressive. When I think of passive aggressive, I think of a waiter peeing in the soup of an obnoxious customer, or someone pouring a cup of bleach in another's washer in the student laundromat -- things that get revenge but don't necessarily call out who did it or why.
Are you a person who thinks ad hominem attacks are a valid way of having a discussion, or do you just ... oh forget it. Uhh, what did I even say about history? We're not talking about way-back-when polo wearing, we're talking today.
Quote: Originally Posted by p.trick Human technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the stone age and buildings are now air-conditioned. This is the type of sarcasm I would've used when I, too, was once a Texan and where every building is either (a) air-conditioned, or (b) fatal to inhabit. P.trick, in NYC, Boston and Chicago and elsewhere above Texas, many venues still aren't air conditioned. In June, this can suck.
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