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1. Go to Vegas. 2. Double your money. 3. Pay off debts AND buy clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by tundrafour It just seems a little strange to me to refer to half of a band playing their old songs as a full-fledged reunion. True dat. I'm guessing they thought "Pumpkins reunion" was more marketable than "two ex-Pumpkins have quasi-band get-together for reunion-ish shows."
Quote: Originally Posted by tundrafour I still don't know how Billy Corgan can get away with calling it The Smashing Pumpkins, though. Half of the original band is gone (and James was always my favorite member, anyway). AFAIK virtually all of the creative input only ever came from Billy and Jimmy. I listened to the iTunes clip of Tarantula. Kinda sounds like they're trying to copy their vintage sound.
Yet another vote for Canon PowerShot. You'll love it. As to particular model, get the best one that falls within your budget.
Odoreater and Sartorian are CORRECT! Left-brain type courses -- math, logic, engineering -- exercise the parts of your brain most useful for law school exams. Math majors kill in law school. English majors don't. College writing-oriented courses just teach you how to be wordy. You need to be concise. That said, don't go to law school. And if you must go to law school, work for a few years first. You will (a) get a work ethic and learn to keep yourself on schedule...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo you need to be an ignorant hippie dimwit to think that trying to impeach a lame duck president is going to do anything but inflame republicans to fight harder in '08. The democrats have the majority in congress, Actually, not that long ago this exact situation happened: a lame duck president was impeached soon after the opposing party took control of Congress. That party ended up winning the next...
Don't know about suits, but I had the sides taken in on a trench coat recently and was very impressed with the results for such a cumbersome garment. They even made sure the removable lining continued to fit perfectly -- really quite impressive. Just make sure you express your opinions to them strongly and repeat yourself if necessary. My guy was old and Italian (I think) and seemed hesitant to make the changes I wanted, though ultimately he did just what I said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Cambridge in the fall, to read history. EA, we have much in common as I did this too. And I'm also from Texas and love the movie Rushmore. Congrats on Cambridge -- cherish it and make the most of its magic. Your years there may be the best of your life =)
Quote: Originally Posted by dnk024 if i wanted to just soak the bottoms how should i go about doing so? Well, the intuitive response would be to dip only the bottoms in the sink or tub. However I wouldn't recommend this. AFAIK, the post-soak color will likely be different/lighter than the raw denim.
Is there anything new for 2007 in NYC? I read this about a month ago and don't notice anything different.
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