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Firstly, thank you to all the experts here who have already taught me a great deal in the recent weeks I've spent visiting this forum. I'd like to ask for some quick advice about how to select a suit fabric for a wool MTM business suit. While I've read Manton's illuminating and helpful article about super wool, on some level it just made me more nervous to learn about all the differences out there. I'm hoping for a fabric that I will love aesthetically and also...
^ Can't remember if there were other red seven folds, but you'll definitely find something if you go.
I had to bump as I scored a nice Isaia seven fold today at C21. The counterstitching or counter-weave (is that an appropriate term?) is chocolate brown. But the tie is definitely red.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Did you look at the Isaia ties underneath the H&B (left side of the 'section')? I was just there today and grabbed three! Really pysched. The red one especially is lovely irl. Its counterstitching is chocolate.
Good to hear your report, lasbar. I've only spent a day there and don't remember much about the clothing besides that of other tourists. I can't wait to return and soak up more of the city and its people.
Another vote for QotSA here. Was initially disappointed with Wilco's very tame and subdued effort, but it's growing on me.
Wow. After such an enticing title, this thread turned out to be a real letdown.
I quit caffeine once. Worst two hours of my life.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Your best bet is to get some beginner's cookbooks. Good advice. Get Joy of Cooking, flip through it, read the chapters on the basics, think of a few things you'd like to learn to make and look them up. There are easy recipes for all kinds of meals out there -- just figure out what you want to eat.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt ^^^ some nice stuff there. for some reason I feel uncomfortable posting pictures of the art in our house, but I am glad to see yours. What iammatt means is he'd rather we experience them in person at the SF cocktail party he's hosting for everybody.
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