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If you're in NYC, Boston or DC, try J.Press.
Looks damn good. Shot with unknown at 1969-12-31
^ There was no room for it in his jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Allow me to submit exhibit A: Good call geek. That was the worst. Sartorialist post. Ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The shirt collar is sooooo wrong. ... There is a lot of "LOOK AT ME!!!!!" Admittedly I would laugh out loud if I saw this guy on the street in a big city, but at least as a purely theoretical exercise his look has some visual interest. He's essentially just doing all he can to dress down a suit. The lack of collarstays is a deliberate choice because he doesn't want to look buttoned down -- just like the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrSmith2U Sir, The shoe one wears entirely depends on the membership profile, and the history of the establishment. When I visit The Army and Navy Club, for instance, a typical shoe I wear is my hand grade Belgrave, in chestnut. Whereas when the ladies are not in attendance, at The City of London, for example, I like to dress a little more sombrely with something like an Oxford Bedford, in black. My sorties into 'club...
Very helpful retro, thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by retronotmetro if you like vests, you can do an unlined coat and wear the vest on cooler days. Wow great idea -- I really want a three-piece now. We'll see.
Thanks guys and Will, I much enjoy your blog. Really, I guess I'm looking for the coolest wool that still drapes well and looks traditional (i.e. doesn't elicit the reaction "that moron is wearing a summer suit in winter"). Also, impossibly, I'm hoping it will stand up to frequent travel. Are there any other ways to make a CBD suit cooler? Less padding, quarter lining or unlined? Or are these options only proper for blazers/sportcoats.
Firstly, thank you to all the experts here who have already taught me a great deal in the recent weeks I've spent visiting this forum. I'd like to ask for some quick advice about how to select a suit fabric for a wool MTM business suit. While I've read Manton's illuminating and helpful article about super wool, on some level it just made me more nervous to learn about all the differences out there. I'm hoping for a fabric that I will love aesthetically and also...
^ Can't remember if there were other red seven folds, but you'll definitely find something if you go.
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