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Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface H&M t-shirts. You can't beat 5 bucks a pop. Ditto. H&M is my guilty pleasure. Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater For example, for a long time I was getting custom made shirts at +$100 a pop. Lately, I've been buying slim fit shirts from CT. While they are not the best quality in the world, and while the fit maybe isn't as perfect as custom shirts, to me - they're good enough. ...
My new Launer card case, burgundy with rolled gold corners.
Don't get her anything. She'll know you're whupped. Give her a gift later, if and when you want to, if and when it'll surprise her -- not because you think you owe her one back.
Quote: Originally Posted by alebrady the sunspel blue polo I just rewatched this movie and noticed that the polo isn't quite as form fitting on the lad as one might think on first glance. Actually, Bond cinched it in the back -- with what? With his pistol, stuck into the rear of his waist!
Well that's not the whole story. I was on one of the PVP servers, so I'd usually play nice and get some loser to help me for hours, then I'd kill him at the end. It was pretty funny actually. No one ever suspects the chick is a PKer.
Saw him at Radio City Music Hall. I know no one cares, but I had to get 100 posts.
Robbie why didn't you bold 311????
Bought a ticket to see it in France when it first came out, ended up walking out of the cine. Finally got through it much later on when I mustered up the strength to rent it. I literally thought I would vomit -- I started gagging and went to get a bag to keep next to me. Movies never have that effect on me, but this one did. However, I did like the way it rewound from the dark and infernal to the sublime and paradisical ... like Dante's Divine Comedy.
My favorite toy is an 8-bit NES controller with a USB port so I can play all the classics on my PC emulator, as they were meant to be played. Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Of course, if you're playing video games 16 hours a day and not getting laid, who wouldn't prefer to be looking at a hot wood-elf all that time? God damn Verant made them sexy! I'm always the wood elf slut. You get so much more free crap and help from people that...
Best and worst in the same store: Paul Stuart NYC. Downstairs the old blokes are very nice and seem to enjoy what they do. Upstairs (suiting), they're a bunch of used car salesman.
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