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^ for $105, what a deal! (Though I could do without the "pressed whiskers.") Do these one-wash change color and shrink further, like raw denim? 34 inseam would be just right for me, but no less.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 5ep boots are going to be too tight in the thigh I bet. What size are your thighs, Offline 100? Measuring all the way around one with the jeans on, I get 23 in. Fortunately as this is mainly hard muscle, not soft fat, I've been successful in stretching any raw denim I put on. I've been reading 5EP threads -- sounds key. Indeed the pocket stitching on Nudies bugs me, but thanks shonen for noting it can be...
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan Sizing up on your rescues possibly? They're already pretty big as is. Thanks but unfortunately, sizing up would only make the waist size and upper leg larger -- the leg opening stays the same in all sizes for APC. I wonder if there are other raw denim brands with a wide leg?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac I can't imagine Rescues would look too narrow. They are pretty huge. What size are you? Size 30 Rescues. I just measured the cuff; it's 18 inches around. Yeah, pretty big, but both my quadriceps and calves are quite large from rowing and the gym. Also, as I mentioned, my feet are large (US15), so I look like I have clown shoes unless my pants have quite a wide leg.
I'm quite fond of my APC Rescues from the knee up. But as I have quite meaty thighs and big feet, the legs look off proportion and too tapered for my tastes. Could anyone suggest a similar raw denim with cuffs at least one or two inches wider than the Rescue? (i.e., probably three inches wider than the New Standard). Everything else about APC I'd hope to keep -- the sizing and stretching properties, the long inseam, the simple unadorned style, etc.
I saw him (Patrick) in Boston on Saturday -- figured I'd get more time with him and had friends to see there anyway, so I made it a weekend. Maybe if I'm lucky my suit will get done before all the NYC orders, too. I was pleasantly surprised to get a whole hour and a half alone for measuring. (Only two other customers came by to place quick repeat orders). We spoke extensively about the cut of the suit. I went in feeling I was taking a risk, but I left feeling assured...
Thanks -- I'll contact them directly but wondered if there were some faster way. It appears from their website that they have an address in midtown -- I wonder whether that's open to visitors or merely an office?
Could anyone suggest to me a store in NYC where I could easily check out Holland & Sherry fabric books without purchasing anything or being bothered too much by salesmen? I'm looking for some serial numbers but really would prefer not to have to pretend I'm interested in spending money, unless I have to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator While I completely respect the fact that someone is a student, I must express a little surprise in that the budget to dress for an interview which may have an impact on the rest of one's life is only $500. If you're interviewing at big law firms you want a suit that fits well and makes you look sharp, but you emphatically do not need a suit that is or looks too expensive. You're trying to show you're a good...
Welcome to the forum. Stick around and do some searches; you'll learn a lot. I'm 6'5 200ish, with size 15 feet ... I know how hard your life is. Here are a few suggestions on basics to start. You'll probably get more constructive feedback the more specific you are about what direction you want to take your style. Jeans: APC has quite a long inseam if you don't shrink them. You'll probably want APC Rescues. Polos: Le Tigre is usually long enough, as is Burberry and...
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