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Sorry I have no specific recs for you but having lived in UK and being 6'5" and trim myself, I can say that you will better luck finding OTR clothing there as the cuts are indeed slimmer and sleeves longer in general.
I've heard it said that the Irish can be rather provincial and that non-Irish have notably more trouble getting employment than locals. Naturally this is probably just a half-truth at best as all generalizations are, but still ... if considering moving before getting a job, depending on your circumstances, you might contemplate that there won't be as open a society as say New York or London.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Which one? Haha ... "Aria - Batti batti o bel Masetto"
Quote: Originally Posted by gdc_2008 What are the thoughts on the new Modest Mouse? I think they've become entirely an imitation of themselves, just like U2 I guess. Technically very similar to their older work, but without being interesting.
"Lay Low" - My Morning Jacket "Oh, My Stars" - Nina Nastasia "Fight" - Art Brut "Roadrunner" - Modern Lovers "Fruit Tree" - Nick Drake "Put My Little Shoes Away" - Woody Guthrie "Who Can Be Who?" - Crass "I Know How" - Loretta Lynn "Uma Lovie" - George Sibanda A track from Mozart's Requiem
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