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^ I think you're approximately right. What you said is about what I remember. Edit: maybe a little less disparity ($1100 vs. $1450 or so).
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Vintage Gent, It doesn't make sense at all. I bought the H&S cloth directly, and it just cost USD420, how can they charge USD500 more on top of the VBC? Chan is making BIG money. True dat. The NYC H&S rep told me they sold it at USD$99/yard actually. Then she said she wasn't supposed to tell me that. alebrady, I guess I just didn't see an H&S in 10/11oz I loved. I was told H&S keeps its shape better...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Where does Shirtmaven redommend them for shirts ? I think it's $20 to take the sides in on a dress shirt. He gets the pins just right with me. gdl this confuses me too. There are two distinct ones that come up on Google Maps.
Cardelino, Broadway between 22nd and 23rd. Really great. Shirtmaven, a veteran custom shirtmaker on this forum, recommends him. Otherwise read this:
I was surprised by these shirts too. I even found a white one in a spread collar and slim fit. My sleeves shrank maybe 1/4 inch after one delicate wash. Also, the shirt may honeycomb quite a bit inside the elbows, so account for that.
Sounds like this would be ideal for a tux, no? As the lack of durability in 180s wouldn't matter so much for a garment worn infrequently and only on delicate occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I agree - there's nothing inately trad about pipes. There are old guys in the old country that smoked pipes, and the old country is far from trad. The trads can claim ownership of unpleated pink pants, and button down breast pockets, but pipes belong to us all. Loads of trad stuff was appropriated from Scotland and England. Anachronistic anglophilia is definitional to trad!
Quote: Originally Posted by Khoa That's a pathetic thing to say. Whether intended or not by the wearer, Trad dress sends a particular kind of statement because it is historically a badge of a very narrow and specific class of northeastern elites. If someone in San Fran wants to copy it either for aspirational reasons or just because he wants to have some goofy pipe-smokin' fun at a BBQ, he should do it! But it looks way out of context to me.
The pink pants. There's nothing wrong with pipes; the revered Duke of Windsor was photographed with them in his mouth. However, they have their place -- preferably a leather armchair near a firey hearth in a wood-panelled library. Not in front of a sliding glass door in a house in middle-class Anytown, USA.
One of the reasons laceups caught on must be their flexibility in this manner -- adjustable fit for a wider range of foot widths. So it's variable, by design. With my narrow feet, they're always "kissing"
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