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I mentioned cutting to make weight a while ago. I ended up going from somewhere in the low 190's to 154.4 for my final weigh-in. Here are some before and after pics:Comparison from relatively early on in the cut. I was probably mid 180's on the left and 154.4 for weigh-ins on the right. [[SPOILER]] Flexed [[SPOILER]] Mid-cut (maybe mid/high 170's) when my strength to weight ratio was probably at its peak [[SPOILER]]
Had some tacos at the Maxwell St. Market earlier this week... Al pastor, mole Beef and cheese and beef and mushroom Tongue x 2
This listing is for a pair of Y's Yohji Yamamoto side-zip ankle boots. Size is labeled as a 4 (41). Fits like a US 9-9.5. Composition: Soft leather Details: textured leather, inner zip closure, lined interior, rubber sole Product code:44392158WO I'd keep these, but they are a little too big for me. I originally purchased them in March 2012 for $248. I've worn them a couple dozen times, so there is some slight heel wear, but they're in good condition overall. I'd...
I'd like to take some time off, but I need to make weight so I don't really have a choice. Once the last weigh-in is over I will definitely spend a week or two eating at maintenance and then going back on a slow, clean bulk. I don't really have much of a desire to stay at this weight/bf for longer than I have to.
Yeah, I've been doing refeeds/carb-up days once a week which have helped. Maybe the EC stack is the next step. Do you notice an energy difference between an EC stack vs. just caffeine?This is probably a good idea. I have to make 165 for a weigh-in next Saturday but then 5 1/2 weeks before I have to make 158. Maybe I'll take a week or so and just eat at maintenance before making the final cut.
My cut is starting to wear me down. I'm down about almost 30 lbs. and have 7-8 lbs. more to go in 7 weeks. I'm pretty happy with the weight loss, but it's tough watching my strength drop even though I'm still working hard. My energy level has also been pretty low lately. Any suggestions for that other than caffeine?
Yeah, I had a pretty good experience with them too. I ordered one of the custom colors and it took a little longer to arrive than they quoted, but when I called for a status update they were very helpful and polite.
My bottle of nose tork just arrived.... holy fuck
I use "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies and Amber Davies and a lacrosse ball, wooden rolling pin, and foam roller.
Not last night but I recently had the seasonal discovery menu at L'atelier in Vegas... I could eat a whole flock of those quail wings
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