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You should be able to take your classes somewhere local and then just do your checkout dives when you're on vacation. That's what I did. I did my classroom and pool time here in Chicago then check out dives when I went on vacation in Hawaii.
A large wallet update would be nice though. Those still haven't been addressed.
Any update on large wallets? Those still haven't been addressed.
The effect is negligible. If your diet already contains enough protein you shouldn't notice any difference by switching sources from food to protein powder.Take it if it makes life more convenient, but it won't make gains come faster (again, unless you aren't getting enough protein to start with). I'd personally much rather eat my protein, especially on a cut.
Egg/egg yolk is the standard binder we use when we make them (Chinese style).
I have some too and was told by the butcher that I can store them in the freezer in a bag of salt water for up to 6 months... so far no problems using this method.
Made some Thai Isan style pork sausages recently...
Yeah, the museum that they created for the massacre is probably the most well done, moving museums I've ever been to. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in Nanjing.One an unrelated note, the DOMS have decreased significantly this second week back lifting. A couple more weeks and hopefully I'll get a good amount of strength back.
I'm 2-1 so far this summer. I'm from Chicago, lived in Nanjing for a few years, and now I'm back working in Chicago. I travel back to Nanjing a decent amount though. My next trip back is in September.
Yeah, it was a pretty aggressive overall average, but it is a bit skewed because of the water weight cut at the end. It definitely didn't come off evenly though. I plateaued at around 180 and again at 170. Both times I went on the RFL diet and that got me going again. The last few weeks were rough with my training intensity at its peak while on about a 1,900 cal/day weekly average with low carbs. I was back up to 162 last Friday which is an 8 lb. water weight gain...
New Posts  All Forums: