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I've been squatting 3 times a week in addition to Muay Thai (HIIT) and 3-4 mile slower jogs and haven't noticed any negative affects once I got used to it. Your best bet is just trying out whichever you like better and seeing how it feels.
I'm not holding my breath lol... I got a deer skin from Muji that I'm using now, so I'm chalking that one up to a loss. I love my fishtail and A2 though.
Yeah, Muay Thai is rough. 5K runs followed by 2+ hour workouts.
Yeah, that was the end of my cut the morning of weigh-ins. I was only gaining about 0.5 lbs a week with some complete sloppy weeks with the holidays, China trip, etc... I know this goes against the studies or whatever, but I feel best at about 200-220 g protien a day and I've been trying to eat as many carbs as possible after I get my protein in. I feel ok with lower fat as long as I take some fish oil every day. Overall I'm happy with the progress.
Here are my before pics.... about 154 lbs . I'll try to take some now later today once I'm home. I've been trying to keep the bulk pretty clean. I had to go to carb cycling and stuff during the end of my last cut as my body fat levels got real low, so adding the carbs back in has really helped my energy levels. I think I would up the carbs and cut more water weight next time.
I don't post much, but I've been lurking. I am back up to about 170 from 154 at my last fight/weigh in. I did a super clean bulk and am pretty happy with the amount of muscle vs fat gained. I had to reset my lifts big time because I didn't lift at all the last couple months before my fights so they dropped quite a bit. I think the reset did me good though. I focused on form and fixed a couple issues I had. My lifts are back up to where they were when I was about 190...
Nobody knows anything about the large wallets yet, right?
You should be able to take your classes somewhere local and then just do your checkout dives when you're on vacation. That's what I did. I did my classroom and pool time here in Chicago then check out dives when I went on vacation in Hawaii.
A large wallet update would be nice though. Those still haven't been addressed.
Any update on large wallets? Those still haven't been addressed.
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