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I have some too and was told by the butcher that I can store them in the freezer in a bag of salt water for up to 6 months... so far no problems using this method.
Made some Thai Isan style pork sausages recently...
Yeah, the museum that they created for the massacre is probably the most well done, moving museums I've ever been to. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in Nanjing.One an unrelated note, the DOMS have decreased significantly this second week back lifting. A couple more weeks and hopefully I'll get a good amount of strength back.
I'm 2-1 so far this summer. I'm from Chicago, lived in Nanjing for a few years, and now I'm back working in Chicago. I travel back to Nanjing a decent amount though. My next trip back is in September.
Yeah, it was a pretty aggressive overall average, but it is a bit skewed because of the water weight cut at the end. It definitely didn't come off evenly though. I plateaued at around 180 and again at 170. Both times I went on the RFL diet and that got me going again. The last few weeks were rough with my training intensity at its peak while on about a 1,900 cal/day weekly average with low carbs. I was back up to 162 last Friday which is an 8 lb. water weight gain...
Yeah, my strength has gone down quite a bit with my bench taking the worst hit. When I started the cut my 5RM for bench was 310. It immediately stopped increasing, held there for a couple weeks, then dropped to 305 for a couple more. Then when I hit about 180 (maybe 4-6 weeks in to the cut) it started dropping off quickly. By the time I had my first fight in May I weighed 163 lbs and my 5RM on bench around 275. I didn't lift at all between the May fight and the...
I'm just under 5'9" and had to make weight for some Muay Thai fights I had. I started the cut around late-February/early-March and finished after my weigh-in on June 26th.
I mentioned cutting to make weight a while ago. I ended up going from somewhere in the low 190's to 154.4 for my final weigh-in. Here are some before and after pics:Comparison from relatively early on in the cut. I was probably mid 180's on the left and 154.4 for weigh-ins on the right. [[SPOILER]] Flexed [[SPOILER]] Mid-cut (maybe mid/high 170's) when my strength to weight ratio was probably at its peak [[SPOILER]]
Had some tacos at the Maxwell St. Market earlier this week... Al pastor, mole Beef and cheese and beef and mushroom Tongue x 2
This listing is for a pair of Y's Yohji Yamamoto side-zip ankle boots. Size is labeled as a 4 (41). Fits like a US 9-9.5. Composition: Soft leather Details: textured leather, inner zip closure, lined interior, rubber sole Product code:44392158WO I'd keep these, but they are a little too big for me. I originally purchased them in March 2012 for $248. I've worn them a couple dozen times, so there is some slight heel wear, but they're in good condition overall. I'd...
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