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Mine was included as part of my work contract. If your company doesn't provide it you can check the coverage on your current plan. A lot give some coverage abroad for emergencies and such. If not, then you might have to look in to signing up for a travel/expat plan.
Yeah, that myth has been dispelled for a while. I use it in pretty most things I cook. It's worth a try if you don't use it already.
Not Eason, but not as far as I'm aware of. There isn't much of a repro-type following in China, at least in the mainland. The people in to fashion there are more in to avant guard stuff or hype beast type stuff. Possibly in Hong Kong though, but I'm not too familiar with things there. There are also tons of places that will replicate what you want for relatively cheap, but the quality may be questionable and you need to be there to be involved in the process.
So i Just finished week one of Sheiko #32, the comp. cycle. It is the first time I've maxed out i years. I hit 315 on bench, 350 squat, and 375 deadlift at 174lbs. The deadlift went up really easy, so I tried for 400 after. I got it off the ground but felt my form slipping, so I set it back down. It was also my first week using Romaleos, so I am hoping that my balance will improve a bit going forward. My deadlift is lagging a bit, partially do to some form...
Mine keeps me plenty warm during Chicago winters, even without many layers underneath.
Grana has been good for me. I'm about 5'9 and wear the larges for a relaxed fit with a larger neck hole
I just got back from three weeks in China with daily drinking and no exercise. Today will be my first gym day assuming the jet lag doesn't wipe me out this evening. In the past I've found that for every week of vacation I need about a week to catch up.
haven't seen much from mike dt lately so thought I'd throw this one out there ...
Multi vitamin and fish oil for me.. Sometimes whey but not every day
Yeah, that was my point. It's not that you can't drop more now or can't add cardio now (or both). It's just that it will make it miserable when a plateau comes down the road. FWIW, I think I hit 3 plateaus on the way from low 190's to 154. Each time I had to cut more calories, and by the end I felt miserable everyday. It's not something I ever want to do again.
New Posts  All Forums: