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Yeah, the museum that they created for the massacre is probably the most well done, moving museums I've ever been to. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in Nanjing.One an unrelated note, the DOMS have decreased significantly this second week back lifting. A couple more weeks and hopefully I'll get a good amount of strength back.
I'm 2-1 so far this summer. I'm from Chicago, lived in Nanjing for a few years, and now I'm back working in Chicago. I travel back to Nanjing a decent amount though. My next trip back is in September.
Yeah, it was a pretty aggressive overall average, but it is a bit skewed because of the water weight cut at the end. It definitely didn't come off evenly though. I plateaued at around 180 and again at 170. Both times I went on the RFL diet and that got me going again. The last few weeks were rough with my training intensity at its peak while on about a 1,900 cal/day weekly average with low carbs. I was back up to 162 last Friday which is an 8 lb. water weight gain...
Yeah, my strength has gone down quite a bit with my bench taking the worst hit. When I started the cut my 5RM for bench was 310. It immediately stopped increasing, held there for a couple weeks, then dropped to 305 for a couple more. Then when I hit about 180 (maybe 4-6 weeks in to the cut) it started dropping off quickly. By the time I had my first fight in May I weighed 163 lbs and my 5RM on bench around 275. I didn't lift at all between the May fight and the...
I'm just under 5'9" and had to make weight for some Muay Thai fights I had. I started the cut around late-February/early-March and finished after my weigh-in on June 26th.
I mentioned cutting to make weight a while ago. I ended up going from somewhere in the low 190's to 154.4 for my final weigh-in. Here are some before and after pics:Comparison from relatively early on in the cut. I was probably mid 180's on the left and 154.4 for weigh-ins on the right. [[SPOILER]] Flexed [[SPOILER]] Mid-cut (maybe mid/high 170's) when my strength to weight ratio was probably at its peak [[SPOILER]]
Had some tacos at the Maxwell St. Market earlier this week... Al pastor, mole Beef and cheese and beef and mushroom Tongue x 2
This listing is for a pair of Y's Yohji Yamamoto side-zip ankle boots. Size is labeled as a 4 (41). Fits like a US 9-9.5. Composition: Soft leather Details: textured leather, inner zip closure, lined interior, rubber sole Product code:44392158WO I'd keep these, but they are a little too big for me. I originally purchased them in March 2012 for $248. I've worn them a couple dozen times, so there is some slight heel wear, but they're in good condition overall. I'd...
I'd like to take some time off, but I need to make weight so I don't really have a choice. Once the last weigh-in is over I will definitely spend a week or two eating at maintenance and then going back on a slow, clean bulk. I don't really have much of a desire to stay at this weight/bf for longer than I have to.
Yeah, I've been doing refeeds/carb-up days once a week which have helped. Maybe the EC stack is the next step. Do you notice an energy difference between an EC stack vs. just caffeine?This is probably a good idea. I have to make 165 for a weigh-in next Saturday but then 5 1/2 weeks before I have to make 158. Maybe I'll take a week or so and just eat at maintenance before making the final cut.
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