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I tend to work in unhealthy stuff here and there (maybe a couple times a week) when cutting but do it more as a way to keep me sane. It can also help make dieting more sustainable in the long term for people who have cravings. I have gotten used to eating pretty healthy though, so I don't really have many cravings to worry about. If working those things in to your diet means you will stick to it then it seems worth it to me.
PVC pipe works good for me. Athletic tape can help the slippage a little bit if you get too sweaty.
I think it's also worth noting that soreness is not a good indicator of whether or not an exercise is working.
I'd definitely be interested in that Norwegian program. Would it be a step back in volume for bench or squat? I feel like my bench is at a point where if I decrease the volume it will quit improving or start going backwards. I'd like to get my squat and deadlift up to that point too.As far as deadlift variations go, I like how Sheiko mixes it up with regular deadlifts, deficits, box pulls, and pauses at the knees, but I think I need more overall volume. I think it...
Has anyone here run Sheiko before? I've been doing the three day a week split which, with muay thai, is about the most I can fit in my schedule. My bench and squat are improving, but I don't think there is enough volume for deadlift. Do you think I should try to just squeeze in one more quick session where I do some heavy deadlift sets, or is there another program out there that is similar to Sheiko but with more emphasis on the deadlift. I like the higher volume,...
I travel overseas at least a couple times a year for a few weeks at a time. Just enjoy your travels. I can always get close enough with the macros and any really off days won't matter in the long run. I always come back weaker and more out of shape, but it comes back quickly and I get to enjoy my trips.
Mine was included as part of my work contract. If your company doesn't provide it you can check the coverage on your current plan. A lot give some coverage abroad for emergencies and such. If not, then you might have to look in to signing up for a travel/expat plan.
Yeah, that myth has been dispelled for a while. I use it in pretty most things I cook. It's worth a try if you don't use it already.
Not Eason, but not as far as I'm aware of. There isn't much of a repro-type following in China, at least in the mainland. The people in to fashion there are more in to avant guard stuff or hype beast type stuff. Possibly in Hong Kong though, but I'm not too familiar with things there. There are also tons of places that will replicate what you want for relatively cheap, but the quality may be questionable and you need to be there to be involved in the process.
So i Just finished week one of Sheiko #32, the comp. cycle. It is the first time I've maxed out i years. I hit 315 on bench, 350 squat, and 375 deadlift at 174lbs. The deadlift went up really easy, so I tried for 400 after. I got it off the ground but felt my form slipping, so I set it back down. It was also my first week using Romaleos, so I am hoping that my balance will improve a bit going forward. My deadlift is lagging a bit, partially do to some form...
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