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Grana has been good for me. I'm about 5'9 and wear the larges for a relaxed fit with a larger neck hole
I just got back from three weeks in China with daily drinking and no exercise. Today will be my first gym day assuming the jet lag doesn't wipe me out this evening. In the past I've found that for every week of vacation I need about a week to catch up.
haven't seen much from mike dt lately so thought I'd throw this one out there ...
Multi vitamin and fish oil for me.. Sometimes whey but not every day
Yeah, that was my point. It's not that you can't drop more now or can't add cardio now (or both). It's just that it will make it miserable when a plateau comes down the road. FWIW, I think I hit 3 plateaus on the way from low 190's to 154. Each time I had to cut more calories, and by the end I felt miserable everyday. It's not something I ever want to do again.
Like I said, you can do what you want. I'm just sharing my experience after cutting approx. 40 lbs last year.Also, when you plateau at 2,200 or 2,000 kcals (or wherever you're at) it will be because that has become your new maintenance level. It won't stay what it was at the beginning of your cut, so I'm not sure what you mean by eating at maintenance and then getting back to it.
Fast enough for what? I mean, it's your call. I'm just warning you that you're not very far in to your cut and you're going to plateau worse when your body fat gets lower. That will suck if you're already at only 2,000 Cals/day.Also, if you're already worried about strength and muscle loss it will be worse when the calories get really low like that.
If you're planning on cutting that much more weight expect more plateaus. Cutting the calories too quickly is going to make it absolutely miserable for you at the end. I'd keep going at your current level until your progress stops. Didn't you just say you started adding more cardio too? Why not wait to see how that affects your progress before making any more changes?
I just placed an order for some today. I'll find out on Monday.
How about large wallets?
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