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Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC There are a good number of on-line fabric vendors, on eBay, but also Minnis, Dugdale and a host of others sell short lengths. I believe there is a collection about them on the Cutter and Tailor forum. I guess it's a question about what you want. Peter will have the basic suit things: grey, blue, herringbone and pinstripe, so if that's what you want, you're fine. Quality will certainly be acceptable, and Peter is very...
^oh ok. i dont think i have the time to do CMT though. dont know where to buy fabrics as well. but from personal experience... are Peter's house fabrics "decent" enough if i ask for the better quality ones? searching through this forum i think someone mentioned they were decent enough if you were on a budget, but only one person mentioned that. no other comments
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Not sure how much that would cost from Peter, but if you choose to use something other than his house fabrics (which vary in quality from very good to mediocre) it's best to order it through him a week or two ahead of time to make sure he can get it in time for your stay. You can contact the mills directly and find out where to view swatches in your area and then email Peter to set things up. Also a good idea to...
ok, cheers for all the replies guys very helpful. so go for either dugdale or VBC brand fabric for my budget? any1 know approx how much a 2 piece would run for that? also i'm not entirely sure on what kind of style of suit i want. all i know is i defn prefer 2 button and require a slim fitting one. thanks again for all the helpful suggestions and opinions
nup. just a basic normal grey suit for business attire. don't need something super good cos i'll be in my first year of work so basically asked for a fully canvassed suit?
lol yep, sure has seems like he fits the budget i require. so anything you guys would personally ask him to do? how long does he usually take to complete a 2 piece suit? i'm only there for about 5 full days. and i'm totally clueless about what fabric i should ask for.
ok thanks for the suggestions on peter lee. will search about it on this forum. do you guys have any opinions on peter lee? fit is most important to me rather than material atm.
Hey guys, so i've been reading that most ppl are paying around $1,000 to $1200 for a suit at Chan's in HK. But is that dependent on the material? Are there better options for something in a more reasonable price range ie. $700? will be first tailored suit. Off the rack seems to need too many adjustments. or are there other tailors that can do a reasonable job? not looking for top top quality, just good enough. (i would however love a top quality one if i...
ok cheers. i do have some OTR shirts that fit just right on the sleeve then. so then my next issue is: if my suit sleeve is pretty much the same as my shirt ie. just at the start of the palm, but not actually over it, should i just use the 1/4 - 1/2" cuff rule and shorten it by that much? i know it also partly depends on the person's measurement itself. thanks for the replies.
hey guys, any1 in perth got any recommendations for a place to alter a suit jacket sleeve? just need to shorten it a tad or so... maybe an inch. buttons aren't functional and just for show on the sleeve. thanks
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