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so what is the general consensus? Hahn vs Saville Row?
ok thanks for the info. How good are the shirts btw? thinking of getting a couple of shirts made as well.
thanks for the reply.Does the tailor at Hahn speak english well enough? Also which fabric should i be choosing for the entry level 500k Won suits? Anything i should be specific about ie. slim fitting etc.
hey guys, i'm gonna revive this thread. anyway, i'll be in seoul around january next year for 1 week. Is it possible to get a 2 piece suit made within 1 week? Any suggestions on tailors? i should be staying around insadong area. Also, will there be any issues if i'm unsure exactly what i want? all i know is i don't need something top of the range (i only recently started working). Particularly looking for 2 button in grey.
cheers for the replies. any recommendations on what style to get? worried that the photos they use give a false impression of what they really look like. Have seen some photos in the for sale threads and sometimes they look quite different :S
Hey guys, looking at buying some loake 1880 shoes for work. Problem is, where i live doesn't have a store that sells them, so i can't try them on for size. To give you an idea, i'm a 10.5 in Nike. I know sneakers usually have bigger sizes than dress shoes, so i'm kinda stuck on what to get. If it helps, i'm also a an 8.5 in Tod's loafers. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro I'm not sure but I am leaning towards yes. Have you tried the Murray Street store? Sometimes there are decent things to be had there, and often the guy will give you an extra discount if you ask for a better price. dont really have anything to buy from parker and co really. Btw with that store in claremont, do you happen to know the phone number? is it the one in bay view tce? sorry, i dont stroll down...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Brogues of Claremont, in the old theater lane. cheers, will give it a look. do you know if they carry the 1880 range? the simple, clean cut looking ones. i just want to try them on for size and then order off pediwear. lol parker and co does give off that vibe and they only carry the well known brands. i bet if you walked in without a perfect tailored suit, you'd get some weird stares
any1 in perth know where i can try on Loake Shoes or anything similar? went to DJ's in Perth City but they don't have any.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC There are a good number of on-line fabric vendors, on eBay, but also Minnis, Dugdale and a host of others sell short lengths. I believe there is a collection about them on the Cutter and Tailor forum. I guess it's a question about what you want. Peter will have the basic suit things: grey, blue, herringbone and pinstripe, so if that's what you want, you're fine. Quality will certainly be acceptable, and Peter is very...
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