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thanks for the opinions guys. unfortunately i require a slim fitted suit. even harder trying to find shirts that aren't MTM
hey guys, how's the quality of the cheapest suit at herringbone? as per this link. i'm going to seoul and hoping to get a suit made but if i can't get it within the time i'm there i'm sorta stuck on where to get one and can't afford anything much more than $500. does herringbone alter all suits bought? Thanks
ok thanks. unfortunately i live in Australia. Suits here cost an arm and leg for something measure to fit, especially the city i live in.
^^ in reply to budget. umm say under $100?
any recommendations for slim fit shirts?
thanks for the info guys regarding the timing. hmm i guess i might have to ask on my first day if they can get it done within 7 days. if not, are there any other decent tailors? i've only seen those 2 mentioned in this thread though.
hey. any of you guys had any experience with loake 1880 shoe sizing? i'm a 10.5 in nike.... need a comparison benchmark i guess.
Hey guys, looking into buying a pair of boots for when i got travelling to cold countries. (i'm from australia, it doesn't get very cold during our winters, so not much need for boots). anyway, i was looking at ordering some timberland earthkeepers, particularly this pair: anyone have any experience with the earthkeepers? do they look to rugged/bulky in real...
hmm thanks for the info. thats gonna suck then do you know if hahn can churn one out in that amount of time? or any recommendations for off the rack and then getting it altered there? i'm not too fussed with super quality materials, just the fit is the main point.
Hey guys, How much is a basic 2 piece suit from saville row or hahn going for now? also, are they easy to find from the main train station and what time do they close? also, i'm only in seoul for 4 days. how many fittings would i need? i'll be in the city for 2 days, going to a ski resort for 3 days, 2 nights (so if its open at night, i could go for another fitting), in for another 2 days and then flying off. reckon i could get a suit made by then?
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