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hey guys, i know some1 recommended michael's tailor in london court (perth) for alterations. Just wondering if any1 else from perth can vouch for his service? (haven't gone yet as last couple of weeks were too damn hot). looking to get a couple of shirt sleeves shortened a tad, as well as suit sleeves. can't go to G&A cos they are closed weekends
Hey Kent, just received my shirt. Was good fit. I also ordered black onyx cufflinks but was mistakenly sent the mother of pearl cufflinks (same price). No dramas though as i was planning to get them anyway. Anyway, just wondering if for the blue oxford shirt, if you'd be able to do a custom white collar and cuffs with blue body. also, i notice the purple gingham does not have a custom option. Any chance you'd be able to do one in the future? Cheers
stupid question. is it possible to get the sleeves on a peacoat shortened?
thanks for the info on michael's tailor in perth. Another perthie question, know any good cobblers around the city? i need some shoes re-soled. see plenty around places like picadilly, trinity arcade etc.
hey guys, any1 tried final touches in perth (picadilly)? i went to G&A Favazzo, but they were shut today guessing they don't open on weekends.
Hey guys, has any1 in perth had experience with G&A Farvazzo for shirt alterations? looking to get some darts put in the back and the sides of the shirt slimmed (taken in??). have read that he is recommended on this board. also, would i have to be specific with what i want or can i just rock up and say i want darts put in the back and the sides to be slimmer? thanks
thanks for the replies. i think herringbone was closed today in perth as i couldn't get through to them by phone. unfortunately there is no Rhodes and Beckett in perth i might try DJ's. Anyone had luck finding D'urban suits on sale there at a fair price?
thanks for the reply terms of ordering, how would i request darts be put in the shirt? should i just send an email and choose custom as the size?Also, would you recommend putting darts in the gingham shirts or would it look a bit out of place due to the pattern?Oh one last thing, if there doesn't appear to be my size in some of the patterns, can i just order a custom and say to make it the same size as say the 15.75?Thanks
hi guys, just wondering if anyone has visited the herringbone store, particularly perth store and found any suits on sale? looking for $500-$600 mark for a plain grey/light grey suit. also do they do free alterations on the suits that you buy? also, how slim are their slim fit shirts? thinking of ordering more kent wang, but at $100 on sale, they are cheaper
hey kent, first of all, great shirts. ordered some and it fit well. In saying that, i found that the back of the shirt could be a little slimmer. For my next order, would it be possible to have the back slightly slimmer? I'm not exactly sure how much in terms of measurement though but slightly being the key word. Thanks
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