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Hey guys, just got a pair of carmina shoes in the rain last and in need of opinions. Length-wise they are fine. In terms of toe width, only the pinky toe has slight discomfort but not painful. i can move my toes up and down within the shoe. it is only the sides that feel tight. will this get better with wear? should i get them stretched by a cobbler or use the stretching sprays? If not does anyone know what the return/exchange policy is on carmina's at their retail...
hey guys, would any of you might be interested in buying some rarely worn tan brogue carmina's in the rain last? bought some recently and foolishy the width is not suitable for me and i'm not sure if it will stretch with wear. They are a UK 8 EDIT: or i may consider going to a cobbler and getting it stretched in width. anyone had experience with this?
hey guys, for those who have ordered a TaT suit, how was your first order with them? i'm interested in ordering the petrol blue suit but worried about measurements. I know there's a video on how TaT measures, but just wondering what every1 else's experiences have been like.
hey guys, any1 know where to get some decent ties online that aren't $$$. not looking to spend $100 a tie to get it accidentally stained while eating lunch are herringbone ties any good? currently 3 for $200.
anyone have any experience with kent wang shoes? not the d.c lewis ones
btw for those who have worn kent wang shirts for a while, what was the shrinkage like on the neck/collar? i know kent's site says about 0.25" but jut wondering if it was that much.
hi guys, just wondering if anyone has an idea of the pricing on Crockett and jones in paris. not looking to get hand grades, but if its cheaper to get it from plal, then i might just try to find my size instead.
true. i definitely would feel guilty if it's a boutique store. But if its just for loakes at DJs, then thats a diff story.
hey guys, do any of you go to shoe shops just to try them on for size and then order online? i'll be going to melb sometime soon and planning on trying loake 1880 or CJs.... but then order from plal
ok cheers guys.time to lug a whole heap of jackets to get altered. in saying that, what's his pricing like? reasonable?
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