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Hey Jason, Any chance of restock of scarves? got the camel scarf and love it. Wish i got the olive check now as well. Also, are you very sure you won't be doing MTM shirts? Even Kent Wang's shirts are not slim enough for me. Btw, how strict are you guys with following the "rules" that SFer's tend to follow? i.e. can't wear a shirt and tie without a jacket. Honestly, its too hot in Oz to wear a suit other than autumn/winter. I just sweat by the time i get to work.
hey guys, bit of a noob to polishing shoes. What are your routines and how often? Atm, i do : 1. brush off dust and dirt. 2. Apply saphir renovateur 3. Allow renovateur to dry and brush off. 4. Apply saphir cream polish. 5. Dry, brush off and buff. I do hate that cream polish leaves a dull/matte look. Is waxing recommended for the whole shoe or will just the toe-box do? How often should renovateur and the cream polish be used? i've seen contradicting answers :S some...
Hi guys, at first i thought my fairly new shoes were a bit tight in width, but turns out they are fine now. The problem now is when my feet swell up, i'm finding that the leather is rubbing against the top of my big toe (the patch of skin before the nail) and has created some skin to peel off. Will this stretch with time or is there a way to stretch/soften this up? I've only worn this shoe twice but i guess today had more walking activity and thus caused my feet to swell...
sigh, went to DJ's today in Perth to try use up a gift voucher. Was looking for a navy blue suit and they pretty much have 0 blue suits
Anyone have any experience with the scarves from Henry Carter (Charlie/Jason). Getting cold for those morning/night train rides home. Btw, how are the sales at DJ's? Anything good in terms of 50% off suits? I find the D'urban suits fit well for the price.
hey, anyone in perth recommend a cobbler in the city? For shoe stretching perhaps.
Cheers for the suggestion. i'll order a bundle tomorrow Cool. Unfortunately my shoulder's are rather broad compared to my waist, so even most slim cut shirts are still too baggy for me
hey guys, any recommendations on where to buy cedar shoe trees? online or in store (perth). also charlie, you wouldn't happen to plan on doing MTM shirts would you? i require a rather slim waist in my shirts which makes it difficult for buying OTR.
Just narrow. I'll probably break them in first and see how they go. If not I'll post them up.
Thanks for the reply. To clarify, I'd say they are quite snug to very snug, but definitely not painful when putting them on. They also havent been broken in so i might just wear them around the house first and see how loose they get. In saying that, after breaking in, has anyone had much luck with stretch sprays or getting the cobbler to stretch the width. I can imagine the toe box gettinf better but the main snug/tight area is the sides of my foot (ocurring around the...
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