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Hi guys. Quick question, corduory jacket with wool trousers. If colors work,yay or nay?
hey guys, couple of questions. I got some shirts darted at the back. I was under the impression that shirt darts at the back should not affect the fit at the front, however i'm finding that the front of the shirt is now a bit tight when i sit down. Will removing the darts at the back provide more room in the front? If so, is this an easy process for your usual alterations place? also, any tips for stains on white shirts? Realized i have nasty stain on one of my favourite...
hey guys, any suggestions on duffle coats? due to the northern hemisphere weather, i can't seem to find any gloverall duffles on sale. any other brands? tempted to just get an asos branded one but i know they don't have a good rep on this place. looking to spend $250ish at most. unfortunately i'm only about 5"8, so will probably need a shortened version
hey guys, any suggestions for suede shoes to go with chinos/jeans? looking for around $200ish mark. Thanks
hey guys, quick question. I know it is probably a personal style, but how tight should a suit jacket be when buttoned?i guess it'll depend if you're looking for the super slim look or not.
hey guys, does anyone know when Iris tailor re-opens from the CNY break? haven't had any luck getting in contact
Thanks for the reply. Planning to go to Iris but hoping to keep the cost as low as possible. Prices have increased from what has been posted and what i asked Iris via email.Is VBC any good? Which of the brands would be the most "affordable"?
hey guys, what's a good brand of wool to get a suit made? I'm looking for something on the lighter side so it will be bearable to wear during spring and autumn. Planning to get one made in singapore so looking to get a quote on how much a particular fabric costs. Thanks
hey has anyone been to Iris lately? how much are the suits going for these days (including cloth). Cheers
Hey guys, i know there are a fair few HK shirt tailor threads, but i haven't found one comparing these two. So for those with experience, how would you compare WW Chan and Ascot Chang shirts? Keep in mind, i'm aiming for around $150 max per shirt and only have about 4-5 days. Thanks
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