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Here's to a great Birthday.
Of Course Steve. Let me know how I can help. I will be all around the state this month shopping so I can check out whatever you want.
See, thats a good Idea. But it's not very applicable to my family (though I would support the Idea.). My family practices the most grotesque act of consumerism climaxing on Christmas. Plus I think my Mom and I are the only ones in the group that support charities. Thank you for a great Ideaa though.
Alright Everyone, I'm having a hard time both buying and coming up with gifts that I want when people ask. Let's get a list going of things that are either popular, or that you want or that you think are worth giving this holiday season. Don't restrict your self to clothing. (Steve B, I know this is the clothing board and that this should go into general chat, but this receives the most traffic.)
Yeah, I actually bought a couple of them off of your suggestion, they were a good smoke. My only problem is they are tough to find in Denver.
Any new Cigars to try? I just bought a box of Padron 1964 Ani's that I'm waiting on.
Oh.....Have you been hitting the gym, or are you shrinking up at your desk
Congrats. Thats great to hear. How was the wedding?
There really isn't a reason to be so bitter.
It totally depends on the week and area you go. I live in Denver, and if I go to one of those stores in the city, I find that they carry a weak selection. But If I venture to the stores in the outer suburbs, they actually have a good amount of clothes that I wouls actually drop some $$ on. I finally made it to Off5th (thanks to Steve, which by the way wheres my book?) and they had some great buys.
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