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Thanks a lot! I'll get that for my next pink dress shirt, then. Cheers!
I might give that a shot - thanks a lot! What does CBD stand for?
You're absolutely correct. Thanks for your response, althanis. Let me try to provide some more details:Pink dress shirt recommendationsDoes anybody have any recommendations for a sub-$100 pink dress shirt? I already purchased the pale pink oxford, but am finding oxford a little too casual for business wear (would anybody disagree with this assessment)? My office dress code is business casual, but many people wear a suit and tie. I searched for pink shirts on the Luxire...
Wanted to bump this to see if anybody would be willing to recommend me some dress shirt fabrics.
Hi guys, Received my first Luxire shirt a few days ago and the fit is prett good! Would you mind guys mind recommending me some dress shirt fabrics for my next order? My first shirt was an oxford, but I'm looking for something a little finer. Thanks!
No. The jacket sleeves are definitely a bit long. I'll take them in to get shortened. Are there any other alterations that you would recommend to get the jacket to fit better?
Thanks. I'll keep on reading. I've already seen a few guides, but the methods described are all a bit different. I suppose there's no silver bullet to achieving the perfect shine!One of the guides that I read recommended stripping off the previous wax polish before conditioning and polishing your shoes. If I just polished my shoes a few days ago, is this something that I need to do before I go at it again? Or would you guys recommend only removing the previous polish if a...
Hey guys, This might be a stupid question, but how do you get the crease in trousers like the following photo has (stolen from SF user Crats)?
Hello gents, I recently purchased my first full-canvased suit from Paul Stuart and was hoping to get some critique here for further alterations. My problem with suits has always been my unusual body shape; I'm not very tall, but I have very broad shoulders for my height. I decided to purchase this suit from Paul Stuart because they offer suits in a size 39. Their Phineas Cole line was too tight on me, so I had to go with their mainline Paul Stuart, which is considerably...
If you guys think that the hips are fine, then I'm OK with it! You certainly have more expertise in the arena than I do. I'll definitely ask the tailor to clean up the roll.It looks like I'm receiving some comments regarding the pants. I think that the "bow" might be an effect of the way that they're sitting in the photo. I'll try to retake them to see if I can get them to look normal. I'm not sure that I have very bowed legs, although it's possible.Thanks!Edit: Regarding...
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