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Perfect. Thanks a lot. I have another quick follow up question before placing my next order:When I leave the top collar button unbuttoned, there is some tugging at the button and chest that's really uncomfortable. However, when I button the collar button, the problem is fixed and it fits well. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I don't think it's a result of the chest measurement being too right since I have ample room. Here's a quick photo illustrating what I...
Thanks, lipe. I'll give that a shot on my next shirt! If I increase the yoke measurement, do I need to simultaneously decrease the arm length measurement in order to keep the arm length consistent?
Hey guys, I have some pulling around the underarm area on the shirt that I just received. Has anybody had any experience with this and can comment on what might be causing it? I don't think that it's necessarily too tight - my mobility is unaffected. I'll make the adjustment for my next shirt. Thanks!
No worries at all, and thanks for your input. Hopefully someone wouldn't mind chiming in on the best way to adjust the billowing as well as any other adjustments that I could make!
Interesting - thanks a lot for the help. A few quick follow-up question to your recommendation: 1) If my current waist measurement is 20.50", would I keep it at 20.50" and just request that 0.5" or so is taken off from the back? 2) Doesn't taking fabric only off the back panel make the shirt uneven when you lay it down flat? Thanks again!
Hi guys! I just received my second Luxire shirt and was hoping to receive some feedback before placing my next order. Following some suggestions in this thread, I ordered the pink end-on-end fabric. It's nice - certainly much dressier than the previous pale pink oxford that I ordered (not to say that the oxford wasn't nice as well). Here are some photos that I took with some linen pants. The shirt hasn't been ironed yet, as I was eager to get these photos up and place my...
Thanks a lot! I'll get that for my next pink dress shirt, then. Cheers!
I might give that a shot - thanks a lot! What does CBD stand for?
You're absolutely correct. Thanks for your response, althanis. Let me try to provide some more details:Pink dress shirt recommendationsDoes anybody have any recommendations for a sub-$100 pink dress shirt? I already purchased the pale pink oxford, but am finding oxford a little too casual for business wear (would anybody disagree with this assessment)? My office dress code is business casual, but many people wear a suit and tie. I searched for pink shirts on the Luxire...
Wanted to bump this to see if anybody would be willing to recommend me some dress shirt fabrics.
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