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Trove is awesome but you're wearing it WAY too tight.
It's so good that it's worth buying two copies, so you can read it as Nabokov intended.
Rocking the chandler!
Was Yuki showing any new Chamula stuff?
Browsing SF with a Jabonator soundtrack. Thank you for making this a nicer place to hang out!
Well, maybe the photo doesn't get it across...To me there isn't enough contrast with the shirt.
The bottom half is fine, but your shirt is too big and its colour doesn't work well with the khakis. Tie colour is poorlychosen.
Eh.Calling me a moron isn't going to change the fact that your outfit isn't that good.
[[SPOILER]] I like this post so much I am quoting it so that I can find it easily in future.
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