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Not Moroccan leather, but think something like this would look cool with that getup:http://www.nomadideas.com/cat-kilimshoes-men.php
Paul Smith:
In terms of stuff I actually own: 1. Kapital 2. Remi Relief 3. Ironheart 4. LVC 5. Margaret Howell 6. MMM 7. Stephan Schneider 8. Mr Hare 9. Uniqlo 10. American Apparel ...and internet fantasies: 1. Trove 2. Engineered Garments 3. Buttero 4. Sasquatchfabrix 5. Jan-Jan Van Essche 6. Old Town Clothing 7. Trickers 8. SNS Herning 9. Eribe 10. Paul Smith
Trove has awesome colour palettes: http://www.trove.co.jp/collection/2014aw/#1
By the standards of this forum, it is not so great. Likely no-one at your graduation will be particularly bothered, though. Just have fun! :]
Check out the Empire State Plaza in Albany.
Trove is awesome but you're wearing it WAY too tight.
It's so good that it's worth buying two copies, so you can read it as Nabokov intended.
Rocking the chandler!
Was Yuki showing any new Chamula stuff?
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