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Almost perfect--just needs glass of Pimm's as accessory.
Awesome proxy! :]
70s Wrangler Western Floral Shirt:
Try posting in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/55144/i-have-a-jean-the-ultimate-jean-thread-for-beginners-ask-questions-here
Apparently all fans of Our Legacy 70s wash.
Eribe Hebridean Sweater:
Rapidly becoming the new Dayton service boots fiasco.
Agree that the trainers tend to look too bulky. Woven shoes and boots are awesome. (There are some perforated ones on the website and they look cool too.) Picked these up from the Buttero webstore when they were on sale: Love em. As people have said, they run about a size big.
Maybe break it up with some of his shorter stuff? His (I think) very last piece--Stirrings Still--is accessible, beautiful and very short.
A bit over your budget, but how about this? http://www.margarethowell.co.uk/men-1/a14-early-season/guard-boot-grain-leather-black
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