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Hi, Moo! Any constructive criticism welcome!
Looking foolish while attempting selfies round campus: Old gap scarf Common People jumper (thanks to ManOfKent for the recommendation!) Kapital Jeans Adidas x Bedwin
I like the shirt (nice to see you wearing some lighter colours) and the more "grown-up" looking shoes work well. Kinda wish you were wearing some kind of jacket/blazer instead of the coat though...
Stanley, those shades are fucking perfect for you.
Need haircut.Our LegacyIronheartButteroOld photos: [[SPOILER]] Knitwear closeup: [[SPOILER]]
Aw, what happened, DP92? You used to be a more amusing troll. Please tell us more about how much money you earn!
Love this coat, will try and take some better pics at some point: [[SPOILER]]
Never really read any Bloom...I figure he's probably okay based on knowing that he seems to like Pynchon, and that he bigged up John Crowley's "Little, Big".
Unless you have scholarly fantasies of a pipe and tweed and high leather armchairs and hellaciously conservative morals, I'd stay the fuck away from James Wood.
Do it, good taste is overrated.
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