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A bit over your budget, but how about this? http://www.margarethowell.co.uk/men-1/a14-early-season/guard-boot-grain-leather-black
Good luck with possible veganism! Dairy industry is horrific when you look into it...
Pattern is fun, but the shape is bad. Looks like they got something in a Middle-Eastern slipper shape and then just shoved a lace section in.
Not Moroccan leather, but think something like this would look cool with that getup:http://www.nomadideas.com/cat-kilimshoes-men.php
Paul Smith:
In terms of stuff I actually own: 1. Kapital 2. Remi Relief 3. Ironheart 4. LVC 5. Margaret Howell 6. MMM 7. Stephan Schneider 8. Mr Hare 9. Uniqlo 10. American Apparel ...and internet fantasies: 1. Trove 2. Engineered Garments 3. Buttero 4. Sasquatchfabrix 5. Jan-Jan Van Essche 6. Old Town Clothing 7. Trickers 8. SNS Herning 9. Eribe 10. Paul Smith
Trove has awesome colour palettes: http://www.trove.co.jp/collection/2014aw/#1
By the standards of this forum, it is not so great. Likely no-one at your graduation will be particularly bothered, though. Just have fun! :]
Check out the Empire State Plaza in Albany.
Trove is awesome but you're wearing it WAY too tight.
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