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Diniro fit is brilliant. Seriously inspiring stuff.
Beautiful Remi Relief coat http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Remi-Relief-Indigo-Patchwork-Coat-size-XL-BNWT-RRP-375-/181747626943?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a5100b3bf
Has anyone else found that stuff from Japanese auctions tends to be in WAY better condition?
Agree with most of the above. Only issue with the obsessives is that they tend to leave out the cheap "everyday" teas that can be awesome.e.g. tea boiled in a pan with a bunch of milk, cardamom and whatever else that you get in pretty much any village in Pakistan.You don't need a degree in tea-ology to enjoy this stuff!
WWM (SS 2010, Daiki-era) Uniqlo Uniqlo Superga
Hi Michael, Polo fits you well, but is a bit short. (For me, anyway.) Would be nice to know what the brands are, and also to get a better look at the shoes!
If anyone has the time, would appreciate some feedback--I am trying to learn!Apologies for the low-res pic.
Adidas or MHL?
Muji Margaret Howell Margaret Howell x Edwin Buttero
Getting a little Romantic there, Synth!
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