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A Touch of Zen
Disagree. Not generally a fan of hiking boots, but I think they look cool here.
Also a fan of the scarf. Maybe wear it a bit more like a shawl?
Ken P - looks fantastic. Think you nailed the whole robe and belt thing.
Railcar Fine Goods $228, W34 has a hem of 8.5 inches (Waist looks like it fits big, though): http://www.railcarfinegoods.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RMJJAMESX014
^ I liked your fit with the aquamarine/brown bow tie and the high-waisted trousers.
Did anyone else ever pick up one of the natural shetland jumpers/cardigans from FW12? I remember that they came in "black" (very dark brown) and grey. I have one of the "black" cardigans. Have used it a lot. Pic from the website here: Close-up of the fabric, some lovely colours in it: Will throw up a fit pic when I have a better camera.
^ Are you over 6ft? Cuffing jeans can be a risk at that height (can just look silly and short), but I think you've made the proportions work here.
Hi, Moo! Any constructive criticism welcome!
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