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How did you find the sizing vs your other Alden lasts? I've read the 1/2 size up and got them but they still feel quite narrow vs Trubalance/Barrie.
Thanks for the detailed reply, makes sense. I think they're going to be too tight and the 10 has now gone so I'll wait for next time.These will be going back to Viberg unless anyone here wants them, they're also sold out in this size - I'll do them $700 plus shipping.
What size did you get in the 2040 vs your Alden?Just got the Waxed Flesh Country Derby from Viberg in 9.5 and my Alden Trubalance is 10D so figured it would be ok. They feel a bit snug scross foot so wondering if that would give ok - anyone have any thoughts?
Cool, thanks for the reply anyway
They're nice, out of interest did you grab the UK9.5 (only size that is sold out). If so and they don't work out I'd be interested in taking them.
That Wax Flesh from Notre looked great, sold out out already in most sizes! It's a 10 you got right? Please let me know if you don't get on with it!
Hey, don't get me wrong - appreciate the opinions and still might keep depending on how I feel/if I get any offers to buy over the next couple of weeks.It's close but not quite right and I do think they are a little wide which means when open the jacket has a bit too much drape for my liking. It may settle down but still it's $850 at the end of day so you want to be sure right?Thanks again for everyone's input, one of the pluses of the forum!
Hi, Selling my brand new Falcon Garments DR2 due to sizing issues, too big for me. If you look in the Falcon Garments Thread you'll see full details for the brand/jackets and this is a stock size 49. Fantastic jacket in fantastic brown goatskin leather. It's only been tried on a couple of times so brand new and there's no wait, wait was 5 weeks when I ordered. Price includes shipping worldwide and please PM any questions. Full measurements are: Shoulders - 17.8...
Thanks for all the feedback, think I'm going to sell and go for the MTM with smaller shoulder width. Going up in classifieds now if anyone's interested.
Thanks for the comments, maybe that's it - seems to be a bit of leather 'hanging' from shoulder on each side so if it softens and that goes could be ok.
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