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Found answer
I'm also going to offload the SS16 Army Shirt, new with tags in black/medium and price will be a lot less than rrp. PM me if interested.
Fair comments! To be honest I've tried them again tonight and backing them, the fit isn't right and normal Chelsea 30's juts look better.
Has anyone tried/got the cropped Chelsea's from SS16? I just received them via pre-order and fit seems ok apart from instep area/near top seems pretty loose so wondering if others have similar experience? I'm in 43.5 which is best fit for me coming from a 10.5 on Brannock.
Allowance is up to $800 now isn't it to US so you should be ok. Also, can I ask how the fit of that Loiter is? Looks quite big/boxy from measurements but sizing down might have sleeve length issues.
Up now in the classified for those who are interested, great shoe - I just have too many Commando soles to keep another.
Up for sale, a brand new pair of Trickers Bourton Brogue shoes with Commando soles in Espresso leather. Amazing shoe with the hand built quality Trickers is famous for, this is their classic Derby Brogue style built on a storm welt sole with goodyear construction for easy replacement. They have not been worn or laced up, I bought two colours from End Clothing this month and keeping the other. Brand new in box with dust bags. Price is what I paid after sale reduction,...
These arrived, great shoes and price - think I'll keep only the Black so Coffee will be in classifieds later/tomorrow.
Thanks for all the sizing advice, know it's been asked a ton of times before so appreciate the advice. Have the Chelsea 30's in two sizes so trying to decide which is going to be better before returning the other. $900 is a big hit to find out sizing is wrong after wearing and that's the best way to tell! PS. First pair of SLP boots and the comments about the look of the Chelsea's are spot on - they look great!
Obvious/stupid question - did you go full size or half and was that from your Brannock size?
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