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Edit - working now in checkout
I got a Large, normally a medium - fit is fine and works well as a layer - will be better quality than Uniqlo. Edit - I'm referencing the Mont Bell.
Thanks, I also spoke to Gentry and their model is 30 Inch waist wearing a small so went with the medium.
Hi, Can anyone advise on the fit of the E-1 pant please, I'm a 32 usually in LVC, etc. From Bureau measurements that would be a small in the pant but it looks pretty tight on their model, he's wearing a 34 (M) and is 34 waisit. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi, Up for sale is a Vanson Leathers Enfield Jacket in Black, size is 38/Medium. I bought from ebay but not my style, worn by previous owner a few times at home to break in. Condition is superb and no marks/etc, the leather is really thick and an amazing jacket, gutted it didn't work out. They retail for a lot more than this and made in USA price includes worldwide shipping. Measurements - 20.5 Inches (P2P), 18 Inches (Shoulders), 19 Inches (Inner Sleeve), 25 Inches...
How so?
Hi, Selling a couple of new season EG Shirts that didn't work out for me, both are brand new from Nepenthes in NY and selling out fast in the retailers that bought them. They are unworn and in medium, I'm in Europe and looking for straight retail (US Prices so a bargain for European buyers) which includes shipping. Thanks for looking! Brown Homepsun CPO Shirt - 270 GBP Shipped Worldwide Khaki Houndstooth Plaid Banded Collar Shirt - 155 GBP Shipped Worldwide SOLD
Edited, figured the floodgates were aimed at me so fair point.
Thanks, thought they had gone everywhere - will have a look on the Asian sites.
Hi all, Has anyone seen a SS14 Tunic Shirt in white or blue anywhere still? Was thinking about picking one up but they're long gone at Bureau which was only place I ever saw them online. Thanks
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